How to go for ham radio?

Syllabus and details of Amateur Station Operator’s Certificate (ASOC)
Examination for the award of Amateur Station Operator’s Licence

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am radio is one of the few hobbies in the world which requires a government licence. To obtain the licence, one has to go through a course as per the syllabus devised by the communication authority which helps in acquiring the knowledge and proficiency necessary to communicate using a wireless transceiver without causing interference to the other radio communication services as per the agreements set up at international communication meetings.The course covers basic electronic radio theories as well as the existing national and international rules related to amateur radio communication in radiotelephony (voice) and radio telegraphy (Morse Code).The person who wants to become a ham should at the same time be able to show his proficiency in Morse Code sending and receiving. The Amateur Radio Operator’s Certificate is awarded by the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) Wing of the Ministry of Communication, New Delhi. The examination is conducted at the Wireless Monitoring Stations located throughout the country. The examination is held for four different categories of license. They are the :

Advanced Grade License
Grade I License
Grade II License
Restricted Grade License
Short Wave Listener’s Licence

Anyone above 12 years of age can obtain Amateur Radio Station Operator’s Licence after passing the examination/s mentioned above. It is also possible to establish an Amateur Radio Club Station with a licensed ham in charge of it.

The application form for Amateur Radio Station Operator’s Certificate Examination can be obtained from your nearest Wireless Monitoring Station :

The filled-in Application Form along with all other necessary documents should be sent to the Wireless Monitoring Station located nearest to your home town or where you wish to appear for the examination.

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