About Us
Vigyan Prasar(VP) is an autonomous organisation under Department of Science and Technology. Objectives of VP are to take up large-scale science popularization tasks/activities, to promote and propagate scientific and rational outlook, to act as a resource-cum-facility centre for S&T communication. VP was established in 1989 Continue reading About Us/

The Gender and Technology Communication Programme of Vigyan Prasar has been established with the objective to empower women through effective Science and Technology Communication, through effective programmes and resource material for women of all age groups and from different socio economic strata, as focus to enable them to take informed choices and make appropriate decisions for improving their quality of lives.Continue reading Gender & Technology Communication

Development of Activity Kits &Toys especially for the benefit of children: These are developed using locallyavailable and easy to access materials. The method of assembling such kits and using them to derive valuable lessons on basics of science in several areas are communicated through interactive EduSat based programmes. Specialists in the respective areas serve as resource persons to inspire children through interactions. VigyanPrasar developed, delivered, and finalized. Continue reading Activity kits

The EduSAT satellite utilizes Internet Protocol (IP) based technologies to transmit multimedia contents to beneficiaries across the country. These include server-hosted digital data, still pictures and graphic informationetc. in real time. This optimizes on the GSAT-3 that serves distance education.Vigyan Prasar is one of theimportant stakeholders in ISRO’s EduSAT Satellite Interactive Terminal (SIT) network communicating scienceto different target groups through its 50 Satellite Interactive Terminal classrooms across India. Beneficiariesinclude school children, college students, working women, citizens from many walks of life and resource Persons.Continue reading VP EduSAT Network

The Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) is used as an alternative mode for community communication. Experimentsand hands on programmes on this premise were organized by Vigyan Prasar. This is especially relevant foremergency communication to tackle challenges posed by natural disasters. Training programmes were organizedin coordination with governmental agencies/society/radio clubs/schools regularly in this regard.Continue reading Ham Radio

Astronomy is such a fascinating subject that attracts not only students but also layman and amateurs. Curiosity to understand the subjects is very common in all age groups. Historically, Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences concerned with the study of planets, stars, galaxies & other celestial objects and phenomena. From time immemorial the night sky has fascinated many cultures in the past including the Indians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Chinese & the Greeks and it continues to fascinate us even today.Continue reading Astronomy Popularisation