Science On Television

Vigyan Prasar’s (VP) programme Science on Television has emerged as one of its major activities. The objective is to bring out video science programmes on different aspects of science and technology in different Indian languages to demystify science and inculcate scientific temper. In this digital era, majority of people in the world are receiving science and technology knowledge through television and new electronic media. So it can be argued that science communication- Television remains the medium with most impact. With this view, VP has been started utilizing television for science communication since its inception and produced several S&T based programmes. Science can become people’s science only when they find involvement and appreciation in the making of science communication. Our science serials/science films/documentary films are an attempt to bridge the gap between labs and people. “Science is everywhere and for everyone” is the guiding principle of this activity.

Functions of Science on Television Division are as follows:
  • Production of Science & Technology based films/ serials /science news programmes/documentary films /quiz shows/spots etc.
  • To attract film makers/institutions towards making S&T based films.
  • Telecast of S&T based video programmes on different channels to enhance the scientific content on Indian television.
  • Dubbing of VP programmes in various other Indian languages.
  • To encourage film based science communication by
    organizing special screening of films in schools, college and science
    clubs etc.
  • Networking, Collaborations with other organizations for resource sharing.
  • Duplication of video programmes to CDs/VCDs/DVDs etc. for sale.

After the finalization of primarily research work on new themes/topics, VP outsources production work through tendering. The film makers/individuals/institutions/firms are encouraged to participate in tender process through proper announcement in newspapers/website etc. VP approach for making science and technology programmes is as following:

  • The focus will have to aware our citizen about the development in Science, Technology and Innovation and its application in day to day life.
  • The programmes should have mainly an Indian perspective.
  • Programmes will have a blending of different formats to make them interesting, though some may require a “pure” format.
  • Use of animation and/or computer graphics will be strongly recommended.
  • Programmes should be participatory and interactive.
  • Programme should be scientifically authentic, accurate and at the same time it will be interesting and exciting.

VP is telecasting its programme from 17 different TV channels. A memorandum of association (MOU) was signed in year 2007 with Prasar Bharti with the arrangement that VP will produce the science programme and Doordarshan will telecast through its channels. Since then VP programmes are being telecasted through DD- National, DD Bharti, DD Urdu, DD India, DD Kisan and others 10 Doordarshan regional kendra’s. VP has also signed MOU with RSTV and LSTV for its programmes including weekly science news programme.

Target Audience:

VP has a very broad canvas as the target population is concern. It is pitching at urban as well as rural audiences, educated and otherwise, professional, working class and unemployed, young and children.


VP has produced more than two thousand episodes on various themes of science and technology in not only in Hindi and English but also in ten other Indian languages like Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, and Urdu. Presently VP is producing around 300 episodes/ 150 hrs science programme per year. Some important video science serials/documentary films are as follows:

  • 52-episodes Serial “Aisa Hi Hota Hai” (Curiosity in Science) jointly with DECU, ISRO
  • 13-episodes Serial “Kahani Dharti Ki” ( Planet Earth)
  • 13- episodes Serial “Taron Ki Sher” (Astronomy)
  • 26- episodes serial “Jeete Raho” (Health) jointly with DECU, ISRO
  • 26- episodes serial “Question of Science” (Cutting-edge research & innovation)
  • 13-episodes serial “Baatein Raaz ki“ (Science in Daily Life)
  • 13-episodes serial “ Scientifically Yours” (Scientific Temper) jointly with NISCAIR
  • 13-episodes serial “ The Maths Factor” (Mathematics)
  • 26- episodes part serial ‘Kuch Tukke … Kuch Teer” (Experiments That Shaped Our World)
  • 13-episodes serial on “Chemistry” (Chemistry)
  • 52-episodes serial “Khudbud” (Hands on Experiments)
  • 12- Documentary film on Biographies of Indian Scientist and discoveries
  • 10- Films on various National Campaigns like TSE,VOT, WYP, LHC, TMT, Chandrayaan Mission, Day Time Astronomy, INSPIRE, S&T Pravasi Bhartiya Divas
Weekly Science News Programme:

VP started telecast of weekly science news programme Science Monitor in English and Gyan Vigyan in Hindi from Lok Sabha Television (LSTV) in year 2010-11. Now this news programme is being telecasted from Rajya Sabha Television (RSTV) regularly.

Resource sharing:

VP programmes are also made accessible through Vigyan Prasar YouTube, NISCAIR-tube and National Repository of Open Educational Resources (NROER) of NCERT etc.

Screening of Films :

VP regularly conducts the screening of its films for students of schools/science clubs/colleges etc. and also participates in various Indian or International films festivals. In addition to this VP is also organising its own National Science Film Festival/ Rastriya Vigyan Chalchitra Mela (RVCM) since 2011.

Purchase of Audio-Visual Resource material :

Most of the produced audio and video programmes are now available on CD/VCD/DVD for sale. A list of audio/video programmes available for sale is given in audio-video catalogue. These resource materials may be obtained by sending a bank draft in favour of Vigyan Prasar. Availability of the material may be checked with sale and purchase department of VP on Ph: 0120-2404427 or before placing the order.

For further information please contact:

Kapil K Tripathi Scientist F & Head, Science on Television Division
Email:- kapil[at]vigyanprasar[dot]gov[dot]in
Ph No.0120-2401721

Sachin C Narwadiya Scientist C
Phone no:-011-26967532

Navneet Kumar Gupta Project Officer-EduSAT Phone no:-011-26967532