Astronomy Popularisation

Astronomy is such a fascinating subject that attracts not only students but also layman and amateurs. Curiosity to understand the subjects is very common in all age groups. Historically, Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences concerned with the study of planets, stars, galaxies & other celestial objects and phenomena. From time immemorial the night sky has fascinated many cultures in the past including the Indians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Chinese & the Greeks and it continues to fascinate us even today.
Vigyan Prasar is engaged in the popularization of Astronomy at national level through various means. Since its formation Vigyan Prasar had procured many astronomical instruments, conducted many astronomy awareness programmes and developed numbers of resource material on astronomy.

Following are the activities undertaken by Vigyan Prasar for astronomy popularization:
  • Astronomy awareness training programmes on regular basis for schools, colleges, general public, VIPNET Clubs etc.
  • Astronomical Observations through telescope.
  • Night Sky Watching programmes.
  • Astronomical Telescope Making Workshops.
  • Cosmos From My Terrace (Lending of telescopes to schools, VIPNET clubs of Delhi/ NCR region).
  • Design and Development of Resource Material on Astronomy.
  • Astronomy through print and electronic media.