As you are all aware that the Long Range Cordless phones have infested the 130-180 Mhz band, more so causing severe QRM to the 144 – 146 Mhz Ham band. These LRCs have a range of more than 15-20 kms.

We in Bangalore face the the QRM round the clock from hundreds of these units and had reported the matter to WPC and Dept Of Telephones, alongwith newspaper articles mentioning its nuisance and illegality to create awareness among the general public.

Though some have refrained from using it, day by day more and more are purchasing and operating them causing QRM not only to hams but to the other authorised VHF band users like the Police, Airband, Fire, Hams, etc etc.
In our newspaper articles we had mentioned the extent of QRM it would cause to the various licenced users but we received no response from WPC or DOT.

It has also been reported from various other cities and towns across our country about the extent of QRM they cause.

Now WPC has woken up to the long range cordless QRM becoz it was observed and reported by the Airline pilots around Rajkot and Ahmedabad areas that the phone conversations were interefering with their communication channels.

It was first assumed to be Ham talk but they have now understood it be from these LRCs. ( lets not take the blame for it, sitting quiet )
DGCA has made strong report of such QRM to WPC and as WPC does not have wide and extensive monitoring setup has now requested Hams to provide any kind of information with regard to User names, phone nos, frequencies, etc OR even locations of such long range cordless antennas. One could easily spot such antennas becoz they look like a Trishul with ground radials.
All are requested to kindly support this movement to assist WPC in wiping out such QRM from our bands and maybe WPC would recognise the services and usefulness of Hams.

So happy hunting.Best 73Pop