Right To Information (RTI)

1 About Act
1.1 Name & Title of the Act Right to Information Act. 2005 (RTI Act) (PDF)
1.2 Users Citizens of India.
2 About Organisation
2.1 Name Vigyan Prasar
2.2 Address details A-50, Institutional Area, Sector-62, Noida – 201309, U.P. ,
Telephone No: 0120-2404430,31,35,36
Fax : +91-120-2404437
General Info.: info[at]vigyanprasar.gov.in,
Sales Info.:sales[at]vigyanprasar.gov.in
2.3 Functions and Duties Details
2.4 The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records, held by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functions Memorandum of Association
Bye Laws
Rules & Regulations
Contributory PF Rules
Recruitment Rules Administrative
Recruitment Rules Scientific and Technical
Recruitment Rules for the post of Director
2.5 A statement of the boards, councils, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice, and as to whether meetings of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public Following are the Main Committees / Governing body
of the OrganisationGeneral Body Members
Governing Body Members
Finance Committee Members

Meetings of these Committees/Board are not open to PublicMinutes of the meetings are not accessible to public

2.6 A directory of its officers and employees Vigyan Prasar Directory
2.7 Annual Report 2019-2020 English
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2.8 The name, designation and other particulars of the Central Public Information Officer Ms. Kinkini Dasgupta Misra
Vigyan Prasar, Noida (UP)
Tele. : (0120) 2404430 (Office)
Fax: (0120) 2402237
E-Mail: kdgm[at]vigyanprasar[dot]gov[dot]in
2.9 The name, designation and other particulars of the Nodal Officer (RTI) Shri. Inderjit Singh
Vigyan Prasar, Noida (UP)
Tele. : (0120) 2401725 (Office)
E-Mail: registrar[at]vigyanprasar[dot]gov[dot]in
3.0 The name, designation and other particulars of the First Appellate Authority Dr. Nakul Parashar
Vigyan Prasar, Noida (UP)
Tele. : (0120) 2404438 (Office)
E-Mail: director[at]vigyanprasar[dot]gov[dot]in
3.1 Result Framework Document(RFD)
3.2 A Charter of services
3.3 Download Form
3.4 Voluntary Disclosure
Vigilance Officer