Indian scientists find new anti-diabetic drug from plant source

New Delhi, April 28 (India Science Wire):Indian scientists have found that a plant-derived substance called chalcone can be used to make effective anti-diabetic drug.They have found that chalcone, which is ubiquitously found in many plants. [read more ]

स्मार्टफोन से हो सकेगी ध्वानि प्रदूषण की निगरानी

New Delhi,April 28 (India Science Wire): भारत जैसे अत्यखधिक जनसंख्याे वाले देश में तेजी से हो रहे शहरीकरण, सड़कों के फैलते जाल और वाहनों की बढ़ती संख्याो के कारण ध्वनि प्रदूषण का स्तर भी लगातार बढ़ रहा है। [ read more ]

Now monitor noise pollution with smartphone

New Delhi, April 28 (India Science Wire): Due to urbanization, widening network of roads and increasing number of vehicles, the problem of noise pollution on Indian roads is increasing steadily. [ read more ]

Scientists find nine million year old ape fossils in Himachal

New Delhi, April 27 (India Science Wire):In a significant development in research on human evolution, scientists have found that a very primitive ape-like ancestor which was hitherto considered a native of only Eurasia had existed in India too. [ read more ]

Indian geeks develop algorithm to grade fruits

New Delhi, April 27 (India Science Wire) : Just imagine deploying latest techniques in image processing to know if a fruit is of good quality. A couple of Indian computer scientists have just done this by developing an automated defect detection technique for fruits.[ read more ]

नोटबुक से झांकते थे गिणत के फॉमूŊले

New Delhi, April 26 (India Science Wire): असाधारण Ůितभा के धनी उस युवक की नोटबुक गिणत के फॉमूŊलोंसेभरी रहती थी, िजसेदेखकर उस दौर के गिणतǒ भी चकरा जातेथे। गिणत जैसेकिठन एवं गंभीर समझेजानेवालेिवषय को सरल बनाकर उसके Ůित लोगोंकी Ŝिच पैदा करनेका Ůयास करनेवालेउस भारतीय गिणतǒ को पूरी दुिनया सलाम करती थी। बीसवींसदी के उस असाधारण गिणतǒ का नाम ŵीिनवास रामानुजन है, [ read more ]

Indian scientists identify gene linked to psoriasis

New Delhi, April 25 (India Science Wire): Alteration in sequence of some genes is human DNA is linked with diseases in humans. Screening people for the presence of such genetic changes helps doctors to ascertain risk and devise personalized treatment. It also helps in counseling parents about the risk of having the disease in their children. [ read more ]

India’s hot springs harbour solution to oil spills

New Delhi, April 25 (India Science Wire):Hot springs are popular tourist spots and places of healing for many, but Indian scientists have discovered that they are also a great source of hardy bacteria that can be useful for many applications such as tackling oil spills. [ read more ]

Strings of Physics

New Delhi, April 25 (India Science Wire): Like melodious music of a violin or a veena, we are all perhaps ultimately vibrations of tiny invisible strings, says renowned theoretical physicist Prof Ashoke Sen.[ read more ]

भारतीय वैज्ञानिकों ने जंगली फली को बनाया खाने योग्य

नई दिल्ली, 25 अप्रैल, (इंडिया साइंस वायर) : लखनऊ की एक प्रयोगशाला में काम करने वाले कुछ वैज्ञानिकों को कमाल की कामयाबी मिली है, जिससे देश में दलहन उत्पादन की कमी से उबरने में मदद मिल सकती है।[ read more ]

Sugarcoating can provide extra power to pneumonia vaccine

New Delhi, April 24 (India Science Wire) : We all know about sugar-coated pills but what about sugar-coated vaccines? Sugars, for scientists, are fascinating since these are also found as protective sheaths on the surface of many bacteria and can induce protection against future bacterial infections when used as vaccines. [ read more ]

Indian scientists convert wild legume into edible dal

New Delhi,April 24 (India Science Wire):A feat achieved by researchers in a Lucknow laboratory can help India overcome intermittent shortages in production of pulses or dals.Scientists in the National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI), a constituent laboratory of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), have managed to knock off certain undesirable genetic material from a wild variety of legume crop making its grains edible and nutritive. [ read more ]

वष ᭅ2030 तक मलेᳯरया से मुिᲦ का ल᭯य

New Delhi, April 24 (India Science Wire) : ᮰ीलंका और मालदीव जैसे देश मलेᳯरया से पहले ही उबर चुके ह और अब भूटान भी ᱹ वषᭅ 2018 तक मलेᳯरया के खा᭜ मेकᳱ घोषणा कर चुका है, पर भारत मᱶमलेᳯरया उ᭠मूलन आज भी ᳯटकाऊ िवकास का ल᭯ य हािसल करने कᳱ राह मᱶ एक ᮧमुख चुनौती बना ᱟआ ह[ read more ]

Indian scientists a step closer to new HIV vaccine

New Delhi, April 21 (India Science Wire) : Indian scientists have identified a new antibody against HIV subtype-C from Indian patients. This finding will help design vaccines against HIV in the future. [ read more ]

A new model for TB drug discovery proposed

New Delhi, April 20 (India Science Wire) : A group of Indian scientists has developed a new model of drug discovery that promises to help in finding non-toxic drugs against tuberculosis in future.[ read more ]

Cocktail of plant oils can keep mosquitoes at bay

New Delhi, April 20 (India Science Wire) : Biting mosquitoes that generally thrive in hot weather are not only a nuisance but can also spread serious diseases. Now scientists say a simple cocktail of aromatic oils from plants like tulsi, pudina and nilgiri can keep mosquitoes away. [ read more ]

Scientists develop new lube from graphene and polythene

New Delhi,April 20(India Science Wire) : Deteriorating bone health is emerging as a significant health problem in India. A group of Indian scientists have now identified variations in a set of genes that can help predict if someone is prone to bone-related disorders.[ read more ]

LHC throws up yet another surprise

New Delhi, April 19 (India Science Wire) : The announcement of the results from one of the Large Hadron Collider ‘beauty’ experiments has startled the scientists, perhaps indicating possible revolution in physics akin to Dalton, Rutherford, Newton and Einstein, dismantling the current ‘Standard Model’ of particle physics by finding intriguing anomalies in the way some fundamental particles decay. [ read more ]

इस बार सामान्‍य रहेगा मॉनसून

नई दिल्ली, 19 अप्रैल, (इंडिया साइंस वायर) : भारत मौसम विज्ञान विभाग ने मंगलवार को आगामी दक्षिण-पश्चिमी मॉनसून ऋतु के बारे में घोषणा करते हुए मॉनसून के सामान्य रहने की संभावना जताई है। आईएमडी के महानिदेशक डॉ. के.जे. रमेश ने एक संवाददाता सम्मेलन को संबोधित करते हुए कहा कि यह मानसून के पहले चरण का दीर्घकालीन पूर्वानुमान है और दूसरे चरण के पूर्वानुमान जून के शुरू में जारी किए जाएंगे। [ read more ]

रासायनिक रंगों के प्रदूषण से बचा सकता है सोना

नई दिल्ली, 19 अप्रैल, (इंडिया साइंस वायर) : भरंग-बिरंगे कपड़े सभी को खूब लुभाते हैं, पर बहुत कम लोगों को पता होगा कि इन कपड़ों की रंगाई में जहरीले रंगों का उपयोग होता है, जिससे बड़े पैमाने पर जल-प्रदूषण फैलता है। भारतीय वैज्ञानिकों ने गोल्‍ड पार्टिकल्‍स यानी सोने के सूक्ष्‍म कणों के उपयोग से इस समस्‍या से निपटने का एक अनूठा तरीका खोज निकाला है। [ read more ]