Workshop on Writing Science 7 to 19 January 2019 IISER Thiruvananthapuram

This workshop is open to PhD scholars and Post Docs in any branch of science, aspiring to contribute scientific content in English and other languages of India.

The workshop, catalysed by Vigyan Prasar, will be organised in the research-rich environments of the IISER at Thiruvananthapuram,

The objective is to improve the quality and quantity of reports and features with scientific content in print and online media, by strategically empowering those who are interested.

The workshop will have lectures, presentations, discussions, role-play, demonstrations, hands-on practice, feedback, mentoring and highly interactive sessions. The focus will be on work done as individuals and in teams. The number of participants in the workshops will be limited to enhance interpersonal and intergroup interactions.

During the 12 days, participants will learn to plan, schedule, do research, write, edit, rewrite and lay out reports, feature articles, and columns with visual materials designed to attract the eye, mind and heart of different target groups. In the process of doing, participants will learn the tools, tricks and tips needed to engage the public with written text, photographs and pictures. By the end of the workshop, a dummy science magazine will be produced by the participants.

Minimum requirements for participation: ability to understand and speak English, the language of the workshop; ability to write using word processors; prior experience with internet browsers and search engines; demonstrable ability to write will be an advantage.

Registration Closed

List of selected candidates for workshop on Science Writing, IISER TVM, 7-19 January, 2019

The selected candidates will need to interact with the trainers online till 7th January. After the workshop, the interactions continue for further mentoring, if needed.

No registration fee. Free boarding and lodging for selected candidates. Reimbursement of the cost of travel by 2nd AC train fare for deserving candidates.