Vigyan Prasar and Deutsche Welle Manthan Award

Vigyan Prasar and Deutsche Welle

jointly announce

VP – DW Manthan Award

at the National Science Film Festival of India 2020


Entries will be accepted between December 15, 2019 and January 31, 2020.

Click here for VP -DW Manthan Award Entry Form

Please read through the submission process and video production rules (below) carefully before applying.

If you have any queries, reach out to us at and +91-120-240 2009


After all submissions are received, jury will evaluate entries and pick winners.

Announcement of winners 

Winners will be announced on the contest website and at the National Science Film Festival of India 2020 during March, 2020 in Tripura.


The first prize will receive 100,000 Rupees, the second prize will receive 75,000 Rupees, the third prize will receive 50,000 Rupees.

Topics & Participants

Documentary, animation, fiction films on Sustainable Development are invited from film makers / institutions / students.


Members of Deutsche Welle, Vigyan Prasar, scientists and filmmakers.


Video structure and duration 

Every video must follow the structure outlined below in the same order:

  • The video needs to be shot in Full HD, 16:9, TV broadcast ready.
  • Title slide including the name of the film – 3-4 seconds
  • The video itself – ideally 2-3 minutes to max. length of 4 minutes.
  • End slide credits including name of participant(s)/other credits – 20 seconds maximum.
  • Total duration including title and credits cannot exceed 5 minutes


Participants should make the video in Hindi, English or any other Indian language.

Subtitles in English must be added to videos at the bottom of the screen by the applicant filmmaker in case of any language other than English.

Screening rights 

All screening rights (including non-commercial public broadcasting by DW) to the films nominated for screening or selected for award by the jury of NSFFI 2020 will belong to the organisers, and a disclaimer stating so will be added to all videos received for this contest by the organisers.

The organisers will share worldwide screening rights to the finished videos. The videos will not be used for any commercial purposes.

Filmmakers will have complete rights to show and exhibit their videos.

Stills and images 

Participants may use still photographs. If any photographs are sourced from a third party, the source should be clearly mentioned on the credit list.

Additional images, graphics or material used to enhance the film should be royalty free content. All creative commons material must be credited.

Special effects 

Animation and special effects are allowed only if they have been created during the dates of the competition.

Audio and music 

Participants must only use royalty free music /original background score for the film to avoid any copyright issues.


The candidates can participate in the contest on or before January 31, 2020 by following these steps:

  • Please read carefully terms & condition of the festival before filling the form.
  • Fill online form with all the columns.
  • Upload final video file to Dropbox, WeTransfer or Google Drive folder.
  • Share the link to download the video to the email id: – the email should also include names of all participants, and a line stating that “The film has been produced following the rules and guidelines provided on the contest website, and consent is given to the organisers for owning all screening rights to the film”.
  • Wait for a confirmation email. The filled Online Form will be sent on the email ID of the Director. Take the print out of the Form.
    • It is mandatory to send the following enclosures to Vigyan Prsasar Noida office (by post/courier/by hand) with the heading written on the envelope ‘VP – DW Manthan Award’: a. Hard copy of completely filled form [with your stamp (if any) & signature].
      • Pen drive/DVD containing: • Copy of the film in mp4 format. The film should be saved as the title of your film.
      • Synopsis of the film in 200 – 250 words in English (in MS doc. file on prescribed format). Synopsis should be saved as the title of your film. Scanned copy will not be permitted.
      • Script of the film (in MS Word doc. file). Script should be saved as the title of your film.
      • Five still photographs of the film (jpeg digital format). Photographs should be saved as the title of your film.
      • One photograph of the director (jpeg digital format).Photograph should be saved as the name of the director.
  1. Hard Copy of the synopsis of the film in English on prescribed format.
  2. Original Participant Consent Form with Declaration & Undertaking with signature. (the format can be downloaded from the website).
  • If your video is shortlisted as a finalist, you will receive a second email at a later stage.
  • If your video is not shortlisted, you will receive an email indicating so.

If you have any queries, reach out to us at and +91-120-2402009


 Deutsche Welle (DW) is Germany’s international broadcaster. The flagship channel DW provides analysis and insights to viewers around the globe, reporting on important issues in English 24/7. DW is available online in 30 languages including Hindi. Visit DW on  Youtube  or at

VP (Vigyan Prasar) is an autonomous organization under the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India. The principal objective of VP is to serve India’s science popularization agenda. This is achieved through several strategically important two-way stakeholder specific approaches to communicate about principles and practice of science and technology and implications for development and quality of life. Visit VP on Youtube or at