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Vigyan Prasar’s (VP) programme Science on Television has emerged as one of its major activities. The objective is to bring out video science programmes on different aspects of science and technology in different Indian languages to demystify science and inculcate scientific temper and kindle involvement.
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India Science

India Science ( is an Internet-based science TV channel, initiated by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt of India, implemented and managed by Vigyan Prasar (VP). India Science ( is a bilingual Channel in Hindi and English. India Science will cover the entire landscape of Science & Technology including Engineering, Health and Medicine, Natural Science, Environment and Wildlife, Children’s Curiosity, Science and Society, Agriculture, Innovations, Scientific Heritage, Science Policy using interactive and latest formats like Documentaries, Discussion, Demonstrations/Experiment Shows, Quizzes, Game shows, Science Fiction, Docu-Dramas, Specials, Biographies.India Science can be accessed on any device that has internet connectivity -- laptop, desktop, smartphones (Android / iOS), smart TVs etc. The India Science Mobile App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. The channel is also available on Jio TV, Jio TV+, Jio STB and Jio Chat. More...






The Publication Programme of Vigyan Prasar delivers popular science books and newsletters aligned with Vigyan Prasar’s science communication goals.
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Vigyan Prasar (VP) was set up by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, as an autonomous organisation in 1989 for taking up large- scale science popularisation tasks...


Science & Technology through Radio is one of the flagship programmes of VP. Since 2008, as per the MOU with Prasar Bharti, radio serial are being produced in 19 languages/local dialects and broadcast from 121 FM and MW Stations of AIR.

Life Must Go On

Episode: 01- Lets play our role in Development
Episode: 02- New Approach in Managing Disasters
Episode: 03- ‘Small is Beautiful’
Episode: 04- How Much Do we Need
Episode: 05- Earthquakes: Terrible Natural Catastrophes
Episode: 06- Let’s Come Again
Episode: 07- Learning from the Past Experiences
Episode: 08 -Science Serial on Sustainable Development
Episode: 09-Interactive Programme based on Listener Letters
Episode: 10- Fossil Fuel and Environment
Episode: 11- Efficient and rational use of Fossil Fuels
Episode: 12- Towards the Bright Future
Episode: 13- A Smart way of Consumption
Episode: 14- Sound of the door bell. Creaking sound as door...
Episode: 15-Conservation Practices
Episode: 16- Interactive Programme based on Listener Letters
Episode: 17- Water the Interesting & Unique Chemical
Episode: 18- Water Pollution

Astronomy & Mathematics

Astronomy is the oldest Science. Curiosity, excitement and inquisitiveness to understand about the Universe is common in all age groups. Vigyan Prasar plays a significant role in bringing the knowledge products for various age groups through various means and modes.


Card image cap Films A repository of films, video programmes, and serials designed and developed...
Card image cap Activity Kits A set of around 30 hands-on activities to understand Universe, Solar system, Eclipse, Transits and other related...
Card image cap Books Explore the wonders of astronomy, astrophysics, and space sciences with...
Card image cap Workshops Vigyan Prasar is engaged in the popularization of Astronomy at the...


Card image cap Films Short duration (23 minutes) film takes an interesting concept or area of mathematics and journeys.
Card image cap Lecture Series Lectures to popularise mathematics among public in general, students in particular.
Card image cap Books Understanding and appreciation of mathematics is an essential skill.
Card image cap Workshops Workshops on learning mathematic through hand-on activities for different target groups.


Vigyan Prasar NETwork of Science Clubs (VIPNET) was established in 1998 to weave all Science clubs, Societies, Organizations to strengthen the popular science movement in the country.

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Training & Workshops

Interested to nurture your science writing skills? Want to learn how to make telescopes? How about day-time-astronomy? How to write scripts for radio and television?

Gender & Technology Communication

The Gender and Technology Communication Programme of Vigyan Prasar has been established with the objective to empower women through effective Science and Technology Communication, through effective programmes and resource material for women of all age groups and from different socio economic strata, as focus to enable them to take informed choices and make appropriate decisions for improving their quality of lives.

Toys & Kits

Vigyan Prasar develops scientific kits, toys and hands-on experiments to promote learning by doing methodology to understand science.

Astronomy Kit

Astronomy Kit

A set of around 30 hands-on activities to understand Universe, Solar system, Eclipse, Transits and other related phenomena of ...


Chemistry Kit

Chemistry Kit

The kit comprises of 45 hands-on activities, illustrating scientific principles related to chemistry. These activities are...


Earthquake Kit

Earthquake Kit

A package of about 25 activities to understand what Earthquake is? Why they take place? And what do to minimize the...


Biodiversity Kit

BioDiversity Kit

Basic telescope to see different planets like Sun, Venus, Mercury and satellite Moon etc. Useful for the beginners...


Modern Physics Kit

Modern Physics Kit

This Kit has 28 different hands-on activities to understand various scientific concepts like Photoelectric Effect...


Weather Kit

Weather Kit

The concept, aspects and dynamics of natural processes relating to weather can be studied /learnt through 35 different...



This is a Blog on anything and everything on Science, Technology and innovation. In particular we love to have blog posts (with short videos, images and graphics) on science popularization.

J. B. S. Haldane-A“Great Rascal of Science”

T V Venkateswaran

What made J.B.S. Haldane one of the most respected scientists of the 20th century? At the same time, why was he called a ‘great rascal of science’ ? What are his contributions to science and what kind of a person was he? This article takes us through the remarkable life of one of the most interesting and accomplished scientists.


Annular Solar Eclipse

Arvind C. Ranade

From antiquity, we are aware about the occurrence of solar and the lunar eclipses. In fact, many Hindu epics refer to the eclipse event with certain references, for example, one of the incidents in Mahabharata wherein Lord Krishna mentions to Arjuna “See there is the Sun and there is the Jayuadratha”.


Our changing perspective of the Universe.

T V Venkateswaran

Sitting atop a mushroom, smoking hookah, the caterpillar, in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland famously asked: "Who are you?". Uncertain and perplexed Alice was unable to answer and just left. When King Milinda enquired Buddhist philosopher Nàgasena, which part of the body his body is Nàgasena, nails, hair, head, flesh highlighting the difficulty of identity.


India Science Wire

India Science Wire produces and publishes news/articles of different genres in all four possible media – print, electronic, social, and digital. It is India’s first news agency that aggregates and provides news and related articles in the domain of Science and Technology.


The coverage of science and technology related developments, particularly relating to research done in Indian research institutions, is generally very poor in Indian media. There are several reasons for this situation, one of them being the lack of good local content. In order to bridge this gap, Vigyan Prasar has launched a unique initiative - India Science Wire – in January 2017. The news service is dedicated to developments in Indian research institutions, universities and academic institutions. Almost all news stories released by this service are based on research papers by Indian scientists published in leading Indian and foreign journals. All news stories and features are written and edited by a team of professional science journalists with decades of experience in science journalism.

All media houses – newspapers, magazines, television news channels and online media platforms are invited for a free subscription of science and technology news stories/features produced by India Science Wire / SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY NEWS OF INDIA (STNI).

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