Shri Sandeep Baruah Scientist- F M.Sc. in Agriculture

Job Description

  • Promotional activities related to alternative communication systems (e.g. Amateur Radio, EduSAT) as second line of communication and dissemination of amateur radio information/technology to the school children, technical students through outreach programmes like lecture and demonstration programmes, workshops, training programmes, print media,Internet etc.
  • Operational in-charge of Vigyan Prasar Amateur Radio club Station VU2NCT and Delhi VHF Repeater Station VU2DLR.
  • In-charge of EduSAT Multicast Teaching End at Vigyan Prasar for the Vigyan Prasar’s countrywide network of Satellite Interactive Terminal Classrooms [SITs].

Email-ID: sandeep[at]vigyanprasar[dot]gov[dot]in
Telephone: 011-2404430
Fax: 0120-2404437