Kapil K Tripathi Scientist- F Post Graduation in Electronics Principal Investigator - Science Channel Project Coordinator: Activity Kits and Toys development programme

Job Description

  • To coordinate all activities associated with the Science Channel Project as a Principal Investigator which include evolving new programmes/projects, formulation policies, planning, production, telecast, scheduling, dubbing repackaging and publicity etc.

  • To manage and implement 24×7 “India Science” OTT channel.

  • To Coordinate the activity kits and toys development programme of Vigyan Prasar which include developing low-cost scientific activity kits, toys, experiments and demonstrating them among the students and teachers.

  • To organize workshops at the national level to promote activity-based science learning among teachers and students on various scientific themes.

  • To promote the science communication activity by popular science writing for print, electronic, digital media.

  • To coordinate SCoPE activities in Hindi and Maithili language.

Email-ID: kapil[at]vigyanprasar[dot]gov[dot]in, kapiltripathi[at]gmail[dot]com
Telephone: 0120-2975774

Website: India Science