Sustainable Development

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Name of the Episode

1. 1. Introduction Hindi   English
Ensuring Sustainability Three Pillar Economic, Social & Environmental (For all) , Social SUS
2. Concept of Sustainability in different civilizations Hindi  English
3. Sustainability and Industrial Revolution Hindi  English
4. S &T Development, growth of population & Natural resources consumption Pattern Hindi  English
5. Awakening Hindi  English
6. India Ethos & Practices on SD Hindi  English
7. Are we taking a step backward Hindi  English
8. Issues of SD in Indian Perspective. Hindi  English
2. 9. Interactive Episode Hindi  English
Segment No 2Ensuring Sustainable Energy For All 10. Fossil Fuel & Environment Hindi  English
11. Efficient and rational use of fossil fuel as energy source Energy Types and consumption Pattern Hindi  English
12. Renewable Energy status and increasing its share to protect the environment. Hindi  English
13. Enhancing energy efficiency Hindi  English
14. Universal Access to modern energy Hindi  English
15. Conservation practices Hindi  English
3. 16. Interactive Episode Hindi  English
Segment 3Ensuring Universal Access to Potable Water Sustainable 17. Water & Life Hindi  English
18. Safe Drinking water Hindi  English
19. Access to Drinking Water and Improving sanitation and hygiene Hindi  English
20. Water resources & conservation Hindi  English
21. Overuse of ground water & consequences Hindi  English
22. Rain Water Harvesting Hindi  English
23. Managing water based on concept of reduction, reuse, omissions, treatment discharge Hindi  English
4. 24. Interactive Episode Hindi  English
Segment 4

Natural Resource Management

25. Depleted state of natural resources : Hindi  English
26. Non-economic services provided by natural resources & eco-systems Hindi  English
27. Managing land and change land use Hindi  English
28. Addressing the climate change, green house gases and reducing emission level Hindi  English
29. -do- Hindi  English
30. Protecting Mountain Ecosystem and promoting Ecotourism Hindi  English
31. Conserving biodiversity Hindi  English
32. Non-economic services provided by natural resources & eco-systems Hindi  English
33. Sustainable Mining Hindi  English
34. Sustainable procurement Hindi  English
5. 35. Interactive Episode Hindi  English
36. Agriculture diversity Hindi  English
37. Conservation practices (preventing losses and wastage) Hindi  English
38. India’s leading examples in risk reduction technique to mitigate the impact of floods, drought etc. on yield Hindi  English
39. Major Marine Eco-system of the world and challenges Hindi  English
40. Major Marine Eco-system of the India and challenges Hindi  English
41. Services provided by Major Eco-system Hindi  English
42. Causes of damage and how to reverse the impact of loss of habitat in ocean Hindi  English
6. 43. Interactive Episode Hindi  English
Segment 5.Ensuring Sustainable Cities and Safe Human Settlement 44. Migration, growth of cities around the world, problems, access to shelter to all Hindi  English
45. Promoting Green Buildings Hindi  English
46. Building and material Hindi  English
47. Improvement of transport in big cities Hindi  English
48. Promoting environmentally sound waste disposal treatment and recycling Hindi  English
49. Disaster resilient structures (Urban & Rural Hindi  English
50. Early warning systems Hindi  English
51. Recap the SDG Hindi  English
7. 52. Interactive Episode Hindi  English

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