Radio Serial on Climate Change and Global Warming

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Understanding the Science of Climate change and Global Warming
1. Curtain Raiser Hindi  English
2. What is climate and how it differs from weather? Hindi  English
3. Factor responsible for earth climate system Hindi  English
4. Variation in Earth climate system: Hindi  English
5. The Change in the world Climate over the time.(Since Past Two Hundred Years) Hindi  English
6. The Science /Phenomena of Global Warming Hindi  English
7. Is Climate Change is a reality or a Statistical Gimmick. Hindi  English
8. Interactive Episode…….. Hindi  English
Segment-2 Major Factor Responsible for Climate Change 9. Ocean-atmosphere variability Hindi  English
10. Volcanism and Plate tectonics Hindi  English
Internal Factors

External Factors

11. Life: How Life affects climate Hind  English
12. Human Influences: Carbon Emission Hindi  English
13. Orbital variations & Solar Out Puts Hindi  English
14. Historical and Archaeological evidence Hindi  English
Segment-3 Proof in Favour of Climate Change 15. Temperature measurements and proxies Hindi  English
16. Sea Level Change Hindi  English
17. Change in vegetation and animal distribution Hindi  English
18. Other evidence: Hindi  English
19. Interactive Episode Hindi  English
Segment-4 Visible Impact of Climate Change 20. Impact of Climate change-harmful impact Hindi  English
21. Impact of Climate change-harmful impact Hindi  English
22. Global Warming Refuges:- Hindi  English
23. Global Warming and emergence of new disease pattern & other health issues.-I Hindi  English
Segment-5 Other Harmful & beneficial Impact 24. Global Warming and emergence of new disease pattern &
other health issues: Who is at more Risk ?
Hindi  English
25. Global Warming and Food Security Hindi  English
26. Summing up the Consequences of Such harmful Impact- Hindi  English
27. Impact of Climate change-Beneficial Impact Hindi  English
28. Assessing the Climate-induced loss Hindi  English
29. Interactive Episode…… Hindi  English
Segment-6 Major initiative to Reduce the Impact of Climate Change 30. Norms, Conventions, and Institutions to Cope With Climate Change Hindi  English
31. Major Climate Agreements– Hindi  English
32. Major Climate Agreements– Hindi  English
33. Carbon Taxes and the Green Paradox Hindi  English
34. The Politics of Climate. Hindi  English
35. Interactive Episode…… Hindi  English
Segment-7 Climate Change & India Major Impact
of Climate Change in India & measure to mitigate the same
36. India: Unfolding Climate Change Hindi  English
37. The rise of Sea Level and Inundation of Coastal Area. Hindi  English
38. Effect on Fishing & livelihood problem followed by displacement. Hindi 1  Hindi 2 English
39. Increase Soil Salinity. Hindi  English
40. Changing Monsoon pattern (Rain Cycle) Hindi  English
41. Impact on Agriculture and crop production Hindi  English
42. Melting of Glaciers & Floods. Hindi  English
43. Increase Risk of Diseases. Hindi  English
44. Ecological Impact:- On Forest, Natural resources,etc. Hindi  English
45. Interactive Episode…….. Hindi  English
46. Indian Experiences of Extreme Weather in recent Past. Hindi  English
47. India Energy Scenario-I Hindi  English
48. Energy and SDG-II Hindi  English
49. To what extent We are ready? The mitigation Measures Hindi  English
50. Adaptation to Climate change in India
Mitigating the Climate Change through Forest
Attending the Affected Communities
What India has done so for in mitigation and adaptation to climate change
Hindi  English
51. Conclusion Hindi  English
52. Interactive Episode as Summing Up Hindi  English

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