Technology Communication

A Two day National Seminar on Gender, Technology and Communication :

VP in collaboration with National Science Centre, Delhi organised a two day National Seminar on Gender, Technology and Communication in 2010 at New Delhi. It was attended by over 150 scientists, academicians, professors, science activists and college students from Delhi and around. The seminar offered an opportunity to bring issues of science and technology onto centre stage and generate awareness amongst the people about the importance of informed decision-making on gender issues that are of immediate and strategic concern to the community. The seminar highlighted the issues of ICT and Gender Development, Women’s Empowerment through Application of Technology, Gender Equity in Management of Resources, Women and Health and Women and Social Shaping Technology in its different technical sessions. A set of recommendations were drawn up at the end of the seminar outlining steps needed to be taken to reduce the gender gap in ICT applications.

National Technology Day Celebration – 2011 :

Vigyan Prasar organized the first Round Table Discussion on “Chemistry and Clean Technologies” on the occasion of National Technology Day at Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), New Delhi. All national academies of engineering, medicine, agriculture and sciences participated in the discussion and identified a number of pathways for research in Chemistry that could accelerate the development of clean technologies.

The leading scientists deliberated on the following issues: How are scientists and engineers in research and academia contributing to the development of Clean Technologies? What are the issues that need to be addressed to accelerate the process of applying developments in Chemistry to Clean Technologies? How can National Academies make a higher contribution in this programme? Can the International Year of Chemistry 2011 be remembered for significant contribution to Clean Technologies development?

Brainstorming workshop on Technology Communication :

Vigyan Prasar in collaboration with Centre for Rural Development & Technology and Hindi Cell of IIT Delhi organised a two day brainstorming workshop “Technolog​y Communicat​ion – the Way Ahead” during September 27-28, 2011. Experts discussed innovative programmes for effective technology communication and prepared a road map for efficient outreach activities between technology development and end users/stake holders

3rd Indian Youth Science Congress :

The 3rd Indian Youth Science Congress (IYSC 2011) was organized by VP jointly with M S Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF), SRM University Chennai, and Rajiv Gandhi National Institute for Youth Development (RGNIYD) at NASC Complex, Pusa, New Delhi during 3-5 November, 2011. The theme of the conference was “shaping a sustainable future”. Science and technology place an important role in shaping sustainable future several panel discussion were organized involving senior policy makers, scientists, for involving youth in development processes and ensuring sustainable future of the planet. Both oral presentation and poster presentation on the theme of science and technology applications in i) agriculture and rural development; ii) natural resources management; iii) environment protection and iv) new technology for better living. Around 400 to 500 youth participated in three days congress and successfully provided the forum to discuss, share experiences and expertise on how to tap and utilize science and technology for sustainable future.