slide-1A ham radio operator can carry on experiments with various communication equipment and systems going deeper into the science of electronics (Learning by Doing) and at the same time provide great service to the people in general worldwide by way of organizing on-the-air emergency medical traffic, establishing emergency communication network during natural calamities like flood, cyclone, storm, earthquake or any other disaster. Amateur Radio stations act as the ‘SECOND LINE’ of communication when existing public or government communication links fail to act. life-saving facet of amateur radio was demonstrated in India with valuable public service activities during a Post & Telegraph Strike in 1960, when radio amateurs passed important messages for the public.
In September 1979, during the flash floods at Morvi due to the Machhu dam burst in Gujarat, more than a dozen amateur radio stations of western India activated emergency radio stations to pro-relief agencies, government officials and victims of the disaster in the cities of Rajkot, Baroda, Ahmedabad and Mumbai.
Similar services were rendered by hams during the cyclonic storms in Saurashtra and a number of times in Andhra Pradesh-a state prone to cyclonic storms following weather distrurbances over the Bay of Bengal.

You might recollect the earthquakes in Uttar-Kashi and more recently at Latur in Maharashtra and adjoining areas where ham radio operators provided the essential communication network for coordinating and organising relief operations, arranging medicines, food and clothing for the affected people. This specialized technical sports or hobby is very much a national asset like any other non-governmental public service organisation (e.g. the Red Cross). Ham Radio has reestablished its importance during the recent Orissa disaster (the devastating cyclone), when all the communication facilities broke down. A ham radio station set up at the Orissa Chief Minister’s residence maintained contact with the nation’s capital for nearly a month. Amateur radio stations also come into action during the major sports event like the ASIAD, the HIMALAYAN CAR RALLY to assist the sports officials as well as the rally operators. The Himalayan Expedition teams are getting assistance from the ham radio operators.
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