Who can go for ham radio?

A ham may be an experiment oriented person interested in home-made radio communication equipment.

A ham may be a radio enthusiast who likes to fiddle with the various kinds of radio communication equipment in a quest to learn something about their functions and capabilities and at the same time make on-the-air friendship with other radio enthusiasts around the world.

A ham may be a member of an expedition team for providing emergency radio communication service. Radio is the only way to keep in touch with the modern world from the remote places.

A ham may be a person interested in providing his service to the people in distress by way of organizing on-the-air emergency communication during any type disaster (Flood, Cyclone, earthquake etc.). Ham radio is also considered as a voluntary service hobby.

A ham may be a media persons who needs to use it during extra-ordinary situations.

A ham may be a doctor who can organise emergency medical nets to provide on-the-air help to a person in medical distress.

A ham may be anybody who wants to take it as a technical sport.

A ham may be a shut-in who can literally travel accross the continents and oceans by just sitting in their room and make everlasting friendship with unknown people of the distant unknown lands.

A ham may be a person who wants to make a network of his own (Special interest groups).

A ham may be an unreasonable person! Because reasonable (!)people think so!