Visual Books

These books are meant for schools, laboratories, science clubs, junior college students and science enthusiasts. These books will pave the way to learn the basic concepts in an innovative way. The books are designed so as to generate a feeling of the concept of basic theory through the observation of visual displays designed for the purpose.
What are these Visual Books?

The visual books contain:

1.Text Matter
2.Dynamic Opto-Electronic display The texts are in simple language and occasionally incorporate discussions between interesting, colorful cartoon characters.

The Dynamic Displays

Each book has some dynamic displays sandwiched between the texts. These displays incorporate Opto Electronic devices (LEDs etc.), and are powered either through DC adaptors provided with the book or through standard 9 volt flat batteries which can be accommodated in the space provided in the book itself. Some of the displays are interactive. Through push switches provided on the display panels one can interact with the display.