Astronomy Kit

Know more about astronomy through activities. There are 25 activities in the kit. Some of the activities are:
Star Dial: The star dial enables you to see the portion f the sky from your location at any time and on any day of the year. Set the time at which you are observing the sky with the date and the month of the year. Indian equivalent names of the stars and constellations are also provided in the star dial.
Measuring the altitude of stars: Astrolabe is a device used to measure the altitude and the azimuth of a celestial object. Before the age of telescopes, astrolabes were used by astronomers to locate position of stars and planets. You can make a simple device like Astrolabe with the help of this kit.
You can also make a model of Venus Transit, Realize why do the stars twinkle, make a pinhole camera, observe visible light spectra and can do many more activities. One solar filter and one poster for sky view are also provided in the kit.
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