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“This is an album in words and pictures which tell the story of an India born biochemist turned wizard of wonder drugs. Millions live longer a more satisfying life because of the folic acid vitamin, the tetracycline antibiotics, an anti filarial and anti cancer drugs developed under the research direction of Dr Yellapragada SubbaRow (1895-1948) at Lederle Laboratories, USA.
The story of a Brahmin boy who sought his prime motive in religion but found it in science, of his quest for life saving drugs which took him to Harvard, of its interruption by basic research into the mystery how life is fuelled by biochemical energy, and of the quest resumed and fulfilled in a pharmaceutical laboratory. On his death, The New York Herald Tribune hailed him as “one of the most eminent medical minds of the country”. The Jewis Advocate remembered him as “a giant among pygmies”.
Based on the highly acclaimed biography IN QUEST OF PANACEA: Success and Failure of Yellapragada SubbaRow by S P K Gupta in collaboration with Dr Edgar L Milford (Evelyn Publishers) and drawing on the picture collection of Mr Gupta, the album is scripted by Raji Narasimhan, the novelist, and designed by Narendra Srivastava, Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship wining artist.”

About the Author
Raji Narasimhan gave up in the late 1960 a rising career in journalism to devote herself whole-time to fiction and literacy criticism but she briefly wrote in the late 1970s a weekly feature for Hindustan Times. She has published five novels, the heart of Standing is You Cannot Fly, Forever Free, Drifting to a Dawn, The Sky Changes, and Atonement, and a volume of short stories, The Marriage of Bela and Other Stories. Mrs Narasimhan has done a good deal of translation, mainly from Hindi to English, notably Rajee Seth’s novel published in English as Unarmed. She translates Hindi literacy criticism for English-language journal HINDI. Her work of literacy criticism, Sensibly Under Stress: Aspects of Indi-English Fiction, was one of Times of India’s Ten Best Books of the Year 1976. Her critical articles, appraisals and essays have appeared in THE HINDU, THE INDIAN EXPRESS, DECCAN HERALD, Sahitya Akadami’s INDIAN LITERATURE, THE JOURNAL of the Poetry Society (India) and the Poetry Club’s CONTINUUM. Mrs. Narasimhan is currently engaged in putting together a second volume of short stories, and a volume of critical articles.

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