wintness to the Meltdown



About the Book
“The very mention of Arctic brings to us images of frozen sea, polar bears and colourful Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. Of late, the Arctic -has become a symbol of climate change unfolding all across the world. Scientists have warned that continuous melting of the ice cover could lead to catastrophic Impacts like rising sea levels and changes m weather phenomenon including the Indian monsoon.
Scientists from different countries organize research campaigns in the Arctic sea to gain further insights into the changes taking place there. The Circumpolar Flaw Lead (CFL) experiment organised by the University of Manitoba during the International Polar Year (2007-08) was one such effort.
The book is a travelogue of a science journalist, describing CFL experiment and its results. It is first person account of the author who spent ten days on the Canadian icebreaker in the Arctic during June 2008.”

About the Author
“Dinesh C Sharma is an award winning journalist and author with nearly 30 years’ experience of reporting on science, technology, innovation, medicine and environment related issues for national and international media. His articles have appeared in Times of India, Hindustan Times, Mail Today, Bangkok Post, The Lancet, Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) and Yale Global, among others. In June 2008, he had the privilege of becoming first Asian Journalist to go to the Arctic to report on an ongoing international scientific expedition relating to climate change.
Dinesh is author of a highly acclaimed book on Indian information technology industry, The Long Revolution: The Birth and Growth of India’s IT Industry. He is post-graduate in communication and journalism .from Osmania University, Hyderabad.”

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