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“The best way to understand and learn the basic principles, and the method of science is to see them in actual practical use, or to put them to use yourself. The same basic scientific principle can be put to use under different circumstances and in response to different needs and objectives. On this very basis, new and innovative toys and different types of instruments, tools and machines keep getting invented. It is in this connection that necessity has also been said to be the mother of invention.
One more thing. Children, from the very beginning, should be encouraged and persuaded to make use of their heads and hands. Read this book and try making the toys on your own. Going through this book, if you don't understand something, think it over, apply your own mind and try doing something on your own and by yourself. If what you make does not quite look like the toy shown in the book, but works, the same way or even differently, this is even better !”

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Arvind Gupta and Ramesh Kothari