To Reach the Stars or Dig the Earth


About the Book
In his Memoirs; Professor Padmanaban gives a graphic account of his evolution as a scientist, step passion to do, science and the lucky circumstances. The book clearly brings out his strong belief that societal applications are an-integral part of good scientific research. The chapters elaborate on, the scope of research in Life Sciences and Biotechnology in contributing Ito better healthcare, and modern Agriculture in the country. As a scientist, who worked at the bench for many years in lndia and Chicago to usher in modern techniques in life science research, 'he demonstrates that it 'is possible to attend to national needs, while being deeply involved in one's own research priorities. Finally, he does not hide his humbling thoughts that while a powerful instrument to do good to society, it has its own limitations.

About the Author
Professor G. Padmanaban is essentially a home-grown scientist with over45 years of indulgence in Life Science research at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore His experience spans a life-time ranging from that of a student, faculty, Director and now to a senior scientist at IISc. He grew up with the initiatives in the country to promote modern life science research, and biotechnology, He played a key role in ushering recombinant DNA technology in the country and has significant research contributions in the areas of eukaryotic gene transcription and malaria parasite biology. Professor Padmanaban has been a mentor to several researchers in the country deeply involved in promoting new entrepreneurs in the biotech industry and works closely with DBT, CSIR, and other agencies. He strongly believes that biotech can contribute significantly to alleviate .human suffering. He has not hesitated to take up uncompromising positions even in controversial areas such as nuclear explosion or transgenic crops in agriculture. The country has honoured Professor Padmanaban with several awards including Padma Bhushan.

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