The Story of a stone


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The Story of a Stone illustrates the whole natural process of the making of a stone. In this booklet the stone itself deliberates this story to the readers. The development of a stone in nature takes millions of years and during this journey, the stone faces the sunlight, storm, vegetation growth etc. ‘Story of a Stone’ is a classic work of the noted Indian geologist D N. Wadia.

About the Author
Darashaw Nosherwan Wadia (1883-1969) was one of those great geologists of the country, whose pioneering work laid the foundation of geological investigations in India. He was born on October 23, 1883 at Surat. Wadia’s interest in geology was aroused by his teacher at Baroda College. He completed his MSc in Biology and Geology in 1906. In 1907, Wadia joined the Prince of Wales College in Jammu as the Professor of Geology and served this college for 14 years. In 1921, Wadia joined the Geological Survey of India (GS’) as Assistant Superintendent. Wadia explained the abnormal sequence of rock formations of varied ages in the North-Western Himalayas. He also explained the formation of the unique knee-bend of the mountain chains around the knot called Nanga Parbat. Wadia discovered the existence of vast reservoir of sulphide ores of copper, nickel, lead and zinc. He represented India at the 3rd International Congress of Soil Science held at Oxford in 1935. Wadia’s devotion to the study of the Himalayas was unlimited. He established the Institute of Himalayan Geology in Dehradun and was its founder director (1968-69). The Institute was later renamed as the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology in Wadia’s memory. He was an avid reader and wrote the first textbook on Indian geology that enthused generations of geologists, Wadia was extremely energetic and hardworking who lived a simple life. India honoured him with the award of Padma Bhusan (1958). In 1963, the Indian Government made him the first National Professor in geology. Wadia died on June 15, 1969 at the age of 86.

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