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The Chemical History of a Candle


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The Chemical History of a Candle was not written by Faraday as a book — it is a stenographic record of a series of lectures (supported by experimental demonstrations) that Faraday delivered -to a young audience during the Christmas holidays of 1860-61. Faraday was one of the greatest experimentalists who ever lived on this earth. His influence on the used experiment in science education was immense. In fact, Faraday’s success as a discoverer and demonstrator re-inforced confidence in the connection between doing experiments and learning about nature. Faraday wanted his audience to think of themselves as students in ‘Nature’s School’. Faradays experiments were truly open-ended. They enabled him to make phenomena visible and admissible to others. Faraday’s experiments could make phenomena self-evidently natural. We are certain that as one reads Faraday’s lectures one would surely be tempted to repeat the experiments Faraday demonstrated before his audiences. Only then would one realise how interesting is the relationship between their outcomes and learning.

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