Square Pegs in Round Holes


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“For many kids in our schools, mathematics is a dreaded subject, perhaps even more so than physics, chemistry and biology. One reason for this, it is believed, is that whatever is taught in the name of these subjects has little or nothing to do with real life. Experience in the field has shown that once a clear link can be established, the teaching and learning of the subject at once becomes agreeable and enjoyable, the dread dissolves and children start loving it. That is why this particular aspect has been consistently kept in view in all NCSTC programmes and activities aimed at popularisation of science and mathematics.
This volume put together by Shri Keskar has been in the making for many years and should have come out long ago! But happily, it is never too late for such a book to come out. In any case there aren’t very many other books on this subject flooding the bookstores. Even so, there is something very unique about this book. In conceiving its contents, a conscious attempt has been made to specifically relate them wherever possible to the contents of the NCERT mathematics text books of class V Ill, IX & X. This way the utility of this book stands enhanced. Should mathematics teachers teaching those classes use origami in this book to supplement their teaching, children would love it, enjoy their classes and probably end up with much better understanding of and grounding in the concepts covered.
The usefulness of this volume can only be gauged through the response we receive from students, teachers and other who make use of this book. We would love to hear from them, particularly with a view to improving it in its future versions. We would be happy and consider our purpose served if’ because of this book, the dread of mathematics can be lowered and eliminated even among some children.”

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Ravindra Keskar