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Shambhu Nath De


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Even though the disease cholera had been taking a toll of millions of lives across the world for many centuries, some definite scientific information about the disease was acquired only in the later part of the nineteenth century. Though it came to be known that the disease was caused by a strain of bacteria called the Vibrio cholerae, nothing was known as to how to control this disease and reduce its scourge. For the next seventy five years scientists were grouping in the dark about it. In the 1955s Prof. Sambhu Nath De, coming out of then prevailing thinking in the cholera scientific circle, blazed a new trail, which not only gave new insight in to the mechanism of the disease but also lead to the development of various types of antibiotics, cholera vaccination and oral rehydration, to pull back cholera patients from the jaws of death

Though Prof. De's work was highly relevant to our own society, it is ironical that he is not much known in his own country. His name does not appear in the list of modern scientists. No school book carries a lesson on his achievements. This is a humble attempt to change that situation.

About the Author

Dr. M.S.S.Murthy retired as a senior scientist from the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai in 1997. With the interest of bringing science to the general public, he has written more than 450 popular science articles, both in English and Kannada, which have been published in newspapers and popular science journals. He has also authored a dozen of books on various topics of science and scientists.

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