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About the Book
“Communicating science to the masses through various media is a much neglected field in India despite the fact that it is becoming a part of every walk of life. No wonder that science communication lacks the necessary infrastructure and manpower in the country. What has to be done to increase the quantum of science in the media? This book, based on an all India study and survey, is an attempt to answer this question. Changes are required at various levels, such as, content, finance, policy, infrastructure, etc. Much attention has particularly to be paid to the creation of the necessary manpower to communicate science to the masses living in not only urban but also rural areas.
The book gives an overview of the present status and future potential of science communication in the country by giving on the spot interviews with renowned science communicators; including Indian Kalinga Prize winners, media persons, public relations officers and scientists, a blueprint for more science in the media, recommendations for the future and various related studies. A handy guide to anybody interested in science communication and media in any developing country.”

About the Author
Dilip M. Salwi is a Delhi – based science writer, who has over the years contributed to various issues of science and technology to various media. A winner of several awards and fellowships, he has to date authored 49 popular science books. Some of his popular titles are : Scientists of India, Story of Zero, Chemline Book of Quotable Science, Science in 21st Century, Folktales of Science, Robots Are Coming, What is Science, etc. Science in Indian Media is his 50th book based on the work done under the auspices of the K.K. Birla Foundation Fellowship.

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