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About the Book
The origin of Earth has always been a mystery for humans. According to the currently accepted theory our Solar System began as a spinning cloud of gas and dust sometimes between 5,000 million and 4,500 million years ago. As the cloud contracted, the atoms got closer together and became denser. The spinning cloud eventually flattened out, with a bulge in the middle from which the Sun was born. Over time, the materials in the disc around the Sun turned into solid, dust-like particles, which grew in size by accretion and eventually formed the planets. Earth after information some 4,500 million years ago, has undergone several upheavals in its structure to come to its present shape. The book in an attempt to present an overview of Planet Earth, from its origins to its evolution over aeons and the impact of human on Earth’s biosphere and natural resource and looks at the possibilities of stopping further degradation of Earth’s ecosystems with effective use of the new knowledge of natural and human history.

About the Author
A retired scientist of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Biman Basu is a former Editor of popular science monthly Science Reporter. He has been a regular broadcaster over All India Radio for more than 30 years, has scripted several TV documentaries and published more than 1,000 articles on popular science topics in various publications. He has 27 popular science books to his credit. Some of his books have also been translated into other Indian languages including Assamese, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil and Urdu and have gone into multiple reprints. He is a winner of the 1994 NCSTC National Award for science popularisation, awarded annually by the Department of Science and Technology.

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