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“Beyond the stars lie unexplored worlds. Under other skies unfold other adventures. Tethered to a mortal existence, bodies remain imprisoned on Earth even as the mind roams realms unknown. Realms where fantasy and facts hold hands and imagination walks the path set by science. And from those realms come these stories…stories that meld science and fiction. Stories that emerge from the depths of fantasy but which enshrine a core of truth at their centre. Flawlessly blending, scientific truths and the flight of imagination, these stories exemplify all that good science fiction should be for it whisks the readers into a bewitching world replete with warmth, understanding and humour.
From the genes that unite childhood sweethearts to nanotechnology that bridges the divide between father and son; from a sweet-smelling dead body that refuses to rot and an ancient Egyptian idol that becomes suddenly restless; to a metal bell that demands a human sacrifice but is appeased with much less… all the stories explore interesting possibilities. The fabric of each story is woven with warmth, understanding and humour with the warp and weft of science running through it.”

About the Author
“Sukanya Datta acquired her doctorate in Zoology from the University of Calcutta, before joining the Council of Scientific and ‘Industrial Research (CSIR) as a Scientist. She has authored and co-authored many popular science books including an encyclopaedia of S&T. She has also published one children’s fantasy and three collections of science fiction short stories. Her biography of Sir Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar was published as a tribute to CSIR’s Founding Father on the occasion of CSIR’s 70th Foundation Day.
Dr Datta has had a long stint as Associate Editor, Science Reporter: India’s premier popular science magazine, CSIR News and Indian Journal of Experimental Biology. She is a Resource Person for All India Radio, New Delhi; National book Trust; Publications Division, Vigyan Prasar and CSIR-Human Resource Development Centre.”

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