About the Book
The .mountains beckon one and all. High mountain vistas provide an intense experience of natural beauty and a mountain excursion is a healthy vacation. But there is more to the beauty of mountains. Mountains are an important source of water, energy, mineral, forest products and biological diversity. Some of the most exotic and rare species of animals and plants are found only on the mountains. The book is an effort to familiarize the readers with the various types of mountains in nature and how they are formed, the innumerable benefits that mountains have to offer mankind, the threats to mountain ecosystems from human activities and the adverse consequences for the entire mankind, and finally, what is being done to turn the clock back on the environmental degradation that is destroying the serene beauty of the mountains of the world.

About the Author
Dr R. Gopichandran serves as the Director of Vigyan Prasar, DST, New Delhi. A predominant focus of most of his work over the past 25 years has been communication and technical assistance for compliance aligned with national and global level commitments on environmental protection. He has also taught extensively in several centres of higher learning and has significant publications to his credit.

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