Moths of India

Moths of India


About the Book
This book is about various species of moths found in India. Because of their nocturnal habits, moths are among the least known creatures in the insect world. We do, of course, know enough about silk moth because these have contributed so much to the well-being of human societies. Neverthelessthe role of moths in enhancing the quality of humanlife far exceeds this minor benefits. As author has so graphically explained, moths are key pollinators of food plants used by humans. What is more, their caterpillers play a vital ecological role in the health of naturak ecosystem (often by actinf as the food source of other creatures). They do, of cource, attack our own food source, but rather than opt for toxic solutions, author suggests we understand their natural history so that rational, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions emerge.

About the Author
Dr T. V. Venkateswaran is a science writer and communicator with more than three decades of academic and field experience. He has authored more than 40 popular science books and more than 400 articles in various Indian languages.

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