Many Approches to

Many Approaches to (-1) X (-1) = + 1


About the Book
“Multiplication of a negative number was not understood for a long time in human history. It was Bhaskara II who gave the meaning of ‘runa’ which means loan for the negative number. This concept gradually got shape and clarity. Historically the invention of electricity triggered deeper investigations into negative numbers. The need to explain electric phenomena through mathematics led the mathematicians to pay attention towards this problem. For mathematicians like Archimedes, Da Vinchi, Galileo, etc., negative numbers were not of any significance. They ignored it as we do it in secondary schools with negative roots of a quadratic equation.
With the aid of negative numbers, mathematics get developed over a period of time; get added up as problems which have to be solved in day to day phenomena. This book has many approaches to multiplication of negative numbers to satisfy secondary school children.”

About the Author
V S S Sastry lives in Kolar (Karnataka) and he is a mathematics communicator. He has conducted more than 700 workshops during the past three decades. He is also an origamist and has obtained Limca Book of Records (2011) for Origami sculpture. He employs Origami folds to explain the concept of mathematics in simple and lucid manner. His book “Origami Fun and Mathematics” published by Vigyan Prasar has seen seven reprints and is frequently referred for mathematics lab activities. He is the author of 26 books on mathematics and science popularisation. He was given the VISION award by the Govt. of Karnataka in 2011.

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