Life in Ocean


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As of today, nearly 90% of the ocean still remains unobserved and unexplored. Over a million types of species still remain undiscovered. New, perplexing life forms are discovered almost on a monthly basis. This book attempts to bring into limelight the astounding array of marine creatures discovered primarily in the last 10 years. It also aims to provide a scientific explanation for several phenomena, including the unusual shapes, exceptional hunting techniques, and survival strategies of these super-survivors.

Even though each and every species exists in their individual habitation, they remain connected to each other through invisible yet tangible threads of consequences. This multitude of inter-dependence makes the ocean almost alive. The ocean sustains a delicate equilibrium by balancing and counter-balancing several forces–water temperature, water acidity, tides, currents and availability of species among others. However, reckless urbanization and unregulated expansion by human beings tend to disrupt the web of life, toppling the biological tower of Babel and leading to catastrophic consequences.

In recent times, a large number of global organizations have actively taken part in ocean waste recycling. The authors have also been involved in many such recycling research projects. The oceans nurtured life for 2.9 billion years. Now, it is the time to repay our debt and nurture life in ocean.

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Jayashree Das and Pradipta Banerjee