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Kyon Aur Kaise ?


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“This is a publication based largely on NCSTC’s 12-part television serial titled “”Kyon aur Kaise?”” The serial has been televised nationally on Doordarshan’s main channel. Each part consisted of two sections: in the first, six posers (of 60 seconds or less each) were repeatedly shown, in between programmes, every day during a month or part thereof; each poser consisted of a short, crisp, attractive and interesting visual which depicted a common everyday happening, an event, or a phenomenon, followed by a question. This was to allow viewers (children of all ages, with high/higher secondary school-level education) to think about and try finding the answer on their own or with help from books, teachers or others around them. The posers were selected from different areas: one each from the fields of sports, health, home (kitchen), natural phenomenon, and items of general/ common interest. Then, in the second section, on the first Saturday of the following month all the six posers were taken up and answered with the help of experiments, demonstrations, animations and experts in the concerned area(s), in a 25-minute episode.
The idea behind this whole effort was to help people revive their sense of curiosity about things and happenings around them and to encourage in them the habit of asking questions and seeking answers to their whys and hows—instead of accepting and/or taking everything for granted. This would also enable them to recall the scientific principles and methodology that they had learnt at school (or college), or even empirically, and to relate the same to events and happenings around them. While giving answers and explanations, additional everyday examples of the same scientific principle(s) at work were also included.
Questions, like the ones included here, can be unending. This volume, therefore, can only be the first in a continuing series which we hope to revive in due time.”

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Partha Ghose, Dipankar Home & Narender K. Sehgal