Handbook of Science Journalism


About the Book
Science journalism is gaining importance globally. If you are in this area or planning to enter this profession, then this book is the right choice for a brief introduction to science journalism and for theoretical and practical advice and guidance on its various aspects. The book familiarizes its readers about how to cover science in the popular press in the form of science news and other non-news formats. It is intended to be a useful companion to professional and wannabe science journalists/writers/editors, and students/teachers of science journalism or science communication. The handbook is also useful for public relation Officers, Documentation Officers, or Scientists in-charge of press and publicity at S&T institutions.

About the Author
As a science communication specialist, Abhay SD Rajput has more than 10 years’ experience in communicating science through different media including print, electronic (radio and TV), digital and social media. He is a recipient of the Rajat Jayanti Science Communication Award 2008 and the S Ramaseshan Science Writing Fellowship 2008. Hailing from a remote village Pargwal in Jammu (J&K), Rajput lives in Pune, India.

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