Green Sketches


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The number of popular science books in particularly on natural history of plants is few. ‘Green Sketches’ is an effort to fulfil this deficiency to some extent. AI total fourteen plants around us are illustrated with lucid language, sufficient photographs and diagrams, in this first attempt. The author has preferred comparatively comprehensive words in place of technical terminology, as possible. This book will be very helpful all along with the students of high schools and colleges; the academicians, the researchers and among the common readers too.

About the Author

Dipanjan Ghosh (b. 29th October, 1973) is a well-known popular science writer from Bardhaman, West Bengal. He specialises mainly on writing of research papers, scientific articles and features covering vast fields like plant sciences, biodiversity, wildlife conservation, fossil biology, biochemistry, food science and environmental issues. Apart from that he is a traveller, a radio-talker, a science communicator, and an editor as well, apart from his professional life as a teacher of botany. He loves to call him as a ‘nature lover’ and believes himself as a ‘student of science’.

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Dipanjan Ghosh