Global Warming and Health

Global Warming and Health


About the Book
Global warming, as the term indicates, is the increase in the is the increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s near-surface air and oceans. It is now established beyond doubt that the warming of Earth is largely the result of human activities. Apart from affecting Earth’s climate, global warming is going to have major impacts on human health, either by directly influencing disease patterns or through indirect pathways involving food production, water distribution or international economics. That global warming will harshly impact the already poor and struggling nations of the developing world including India. Global Warming will exacerbate the effect of heat stress and may raise the all- causes mortality rate and increase the disease burden. We are already experiencing the adverse effects and the warming trend will inevitably continue for several decades. The book is an attempt to provide an understanding on the issue of climatic change as a global problem and its impact on health, which is viewed primarily within a nation and local framework.

About the Author
Alok Mukherjee received his MTech in Earth Sciences in 1992 and MSc in Geology in 1991from Vikram University, Ujjain. He obtained Post Graduate Diploma in Remote Sensing and GIS from United Nations affiliated Centre For Space Science and Technology Education for Asia-Pacific at Indian Institute for Remote Sensing, Dehradun in 1998.Currently he is working as Scientific Secretary, South Asian START Committee, at Centre on Global Change, National Physics Laboratory, New Delhi. Being conversant with many fields of natural, physical and earth sciences and with acumen for multidisciplinary approach, his major contribution has been in dealing sustainable development in ecosystems with a holistic approach integrating earth and atmospheric sciences parameters together with socioeconomic consideration. Presently he is working on the impact of climate change on human health, biodiversity change and ecological adjustment at higher Himalayasand many more related issues. He is also involved in science popularisation activities and delivering a series of talk on different issues relating to climate change.

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