Glimpses of India’s Wildlife


About the Book
It is a fascinating glimpse of India’s rich and diverse faunal wealth. Right from the roars of the White Tiger, Black or Melanistic Tiger, Panther, Lions to the heart wrenching trials and tribulations of the Sangai, Indian Wild Ass, Batagur Terrapin, Pangolin, Slow Loris, Great Indian Bustard to name a few and the creatures that inhabit the holiest of all rivers, the mighty Ganges-Sharks, Dolphins and Gharials find a deserving place in this volume.

The quest to know them better and the conservation efforts to save these rare, endangered beautiful creatures from the jaws of extinction is a ray of hope amidst the gloom. We must understand that saving them is akin to saving ourselves. If these creatures vanish so do we.

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Shakunt Pandey