Glimpses into the Life And Works of J. Medhi


About the Book
The book traces life and work of Professor J Medhi, who was not only made pioneering contributions in the field of statistics, but also has played a pioneering role in establishing this branch of science in the North-East India. The author has described the travails and tribulations of Professor Medhi and how by his sheer determination and perseverance he achieved so much even under adverse circumstances. The biography is aimed at not only students of statistics but also those who do not have a formal background in this field.

About the Author
Professor C K Chetia is a former member of the Department of Statistics, Dibrugarh University. He taught in the departments of Petroleum Technology, Applied Geology, Life Sciences, Commerce and Economics of this University. Earlier, he taught at Sibsagar College, Assam. Professor Chetia has authored several research papers in statistics published in national and international journals of high repute. He has published four books on statistics at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in assamese. He is a free-lance writer in newspapers and magazines.

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Chandra Kanta Chetia