Dinosaurs Myths andf FActs

Dinosaurs : Myths and Facts


About the Book
During the last two decades many dinosaur related new discoveries have been made, but the general public is largely unaware of the development in this fascinating field of science. Besides, answering practically all the questions on the dinosaur myths and facts, the illustrated booklet tells a great deal about the wonderful recent finds of Indian dinosaur’s skeletons, eggs, footprints, dung etc. which are some of the best in the world; and evidences in India about extinction of dinosaurs. The information on field location of fossils of dinosaurs that roamed the peninsular India throughout the Mesozoic era for about 160 million years, institutions where actual fossils, mounted skeletons, models and related information can be had in different parts of the country makes a very informative source for children as well as an inquisitive readers. Finally, a need to preserve dinosaur’s fossil heritage sites for the posterity in highlighted.

About the Author
“Dr. Umesh Behari Mathur is a renowned palaeontologist who has honoured by the Government of India by National Mineral Award for his contributions towards the study of dinosaurs from Gujarat and Rajasthan. He retired in 1998 from the Geological Survey of India as deputy Director General after 37 years of distinguished service. He was National convener of Indian Working Group of UNESCO sponsored international projects for ten years. After superannuation, he has authored two memories on geology, and two illustrated booklets meant for popularizing Earth Science among the masses.
Dr. Neera Mathus was a distinguished teacher in Zoology for 39 years in the University of Rajasthan before her superannuation in 2007. Ever since the discovery of dinosaur fossils in Gujarat, she has taken active interest in their systematic identification along with the palaeontologists of the Geological Survey of India and university of Rajasthan. Wide travelled and with several research papers on reptiles and dinosaurs to her credit, she continues to impart latest knowledge to the generation next on wide ranging subjects like comparative vertebrate anatomy, developmental biology, biotechnology etc.”

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Umesh Behari Mathur & Neera Mathur