Charles Darwin'- The Evolutionist

Charles Darwin’- The Evolutionist


About the Book
It is true that Darwin's work was strongly opposed by certain people for whom the theory of evolution conflicted greatly with their religious beliefs. And yet the theory of Natural Selection has been hailed as one of the most innovative contributions to modern science. The book is a tribute to Charles Darwin's works and his ideologies, which have been ingrained into the minds of people, who remember him even today, after 200 years. The book includes Darwin's life sketch, his love for animals and plants, his works and the debates that have arisen.

About the Author
Parul R. Seth is a freelance science journalist, health and medical writer. She is associated with the Times of India Publications and Femina as a health writer. Apart from health issues, she has been writing on scientific issues since last two decades. Parul, the author of several books has been awarded with so many prestigious awards.

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