Appreciating the Environment


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Environment concerns everyone. David Brower has written: “Wild places are where we began. When they end so do we”. Wild areas are only one amongst several components of the environment. If they are so important it is not difficult to realize, how important is the total environment. We are degrading the environment so much that our own existence is in jeopardy. Wildlife is constantly under threat. So many species of animals and plants are extinct. List of organisms which are under threat is long. Pollution is widespread and each one of us feels the impact, directly or indirectly. Even deepest oceans and the highest mountain peaks are not safe. This book is for all those who are interested in understanding the environment. It deals with different facets of the environment without quoting much statistics. Things have been explained in simple language to suit every reader. Even those readers who are not with science background will find the book useful. The book is also expected to make the readers interested in contributing at their own level in the important task of conservation and protection of the environment.

About the Author
Dr. M.A. Haque was born at Munger, Bihar. He received Gold Medals in B.Sc. Hons. and M.Sc. He did M.Phil. and Ph.D. from the School of Environmental Sciences, JNU, New Delhi in 1977 and 1981. He was teaching in India and abroad till 1987. Then he joined the Central Pollution Control Board as Scientist. In 1989, he joined the Ministry of Environment & Forests and he retired from there as Director (Scientific) in 2010. Central Administrative Tribunal has ordered his promotion as Adviser with retrospective effect. He has been member of several Committees related to Raj Bhasha, Science, Environment, and Education. He is visiting faculty to several Universities, Management Institutes and Professional Institutes. He has interest in photography as well. Four books and about 500 papers and articles in Hindi, Urdu and English are to his credit. He has scripted a number of documentaries and devised, scripted large numbers of TV and Radio programmes. During 2007-2008, Dr. Haque was UNDP Adviser in Afghanistan.

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