Alternatives to Pesticides in Tropical Countries (HB)


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“Meeting the ever increasing demands of food is foremost on any country’s agenda and more so in the developing countries. This has paved the way for increased usage of fertilizers and pesticides, which has unfortunately proved to be counter-productive in a long run, basically due to the steady contamination and poisoning of life and environment. Concern for reversing this trend has prompted efforts to look for viable safer alternatives using both scientific and indigenous knowledge.
The book “Alternatives to Pesticides in Tropical Countries: Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security with Food Safety” is a consideration of the author dr. A T Dudani who has been responsible for producing the first ever status report on pesticides and related problems in India in 1987. The book also attempt to highlight the dangers of genetically engineered tools that greatly depend on specific pesticides and threaten biodiversity.
Divided into 15 chapters, the initial chapter presents a background on the use of pesticides from the early times to the present, tracking the gradual increase in both use and production. The Indian context is considered as a particular case. While outlining the hazards of overuse of pesticides, the author explains the importance of the FAO code and publishing related guidelines to prevent unsuspecting users from succumbing to the misuse of advertising media, especially in countries with low literacy.
The book addresses issues such as sustainable agriculture, integrated pest management and technologies for effectively reducing the dependence on pesticides; organic farming and vermicomposte. Adequately highlighted are the consequences of the usages of pesticides leading to issues such as weakening food security, health hazards and environmental pollution. An extensive bibliography of over 780 references make this ready manual on the subject.”

About the Author
“Dr. A T Dudani obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from Bombay University (1945) with distinction securing the first position in Agricultural Microbiology. He obtained his PhD degree from Iowa State university, Ames, Iowa, USA in 1950. He worked at the Central Drug research Institute, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Lucknow (1951-54), Indian Council of Medical research (1954- 59) and Indian Council of Agricultural research (1959-82). From 1982 onwards the author has been involved actively in public interest affairs and consumer movements. He brought out a status report on the subject in 1987 sponsored by the Department of Science & Technology which is considered a landmark report on the subject. He has research papers in national and international journals and also presented papers at various national and international seminars and meetings.
The writer has worldwide interaction with activists (pesticides and environmental) groups and he was member of several committees appointed by Government on the subject. He has extensively written covering a wide range of subjects including global warming, chemical pollution, food irradiation, hazards of artificial steroids BST/BGH in milk etc. He is founder president of the Society for Citizen Concerns.”

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