Science Outreach – Other Indian Languages

In its endeavour to enhance its outreach in regional languages, Vigyan Prasar has chosen Bengali, Tamil & Marathi in its first phase of the Project Outreach in Indian Languages.

In this direction, Vigyan Prasar met with several organisations in Kolkata and surroundings. It was observed that many S&T institutes and NGOs in West Bengal are doing science communication and popularisation activities. It was felt, at times, there are overlapping in terms of resource utilisation and reaching the target group. Being a national institute mandated with large scale science communication, popularisation, and extension, Vigyan Prasar can help in streamlining some of the activities. Vigyan Prasar started short-, mid-, and long-term strategies and action plans in this direction.

The following are planned:

 i) Creation of a database of local level resource persons for science communication and outreach in Bengali.

ii) Year-long program in science communication, popularisation, and extension in Bengali. Vigyan Prasar will coordinate with S&T institutes of West Bengal.

iii) In some cases, Vigyan Prasar will extend support with help from local level organisers.

Representatives of various organizations involved directly/indirectly in Science Communication, Popularization & Extension in Bengali could come together and explore areas/projects to work together. We are, therefore, expecting a large attendance especially of those who have been active in Science Communication, Education and Popularization particularly in Bengali. Besides brief introduction & contributions made by various organizations in Science Communication & Popularization in Bengali, we shall have a number of subject-matter experts from various fields participating in discussions & deliberations.

This conference is aimed at networking and evolving a roadmap of actionable items to enhance the outreach of science communication, education, popularization in Bengali.