National workshop on cyber-security and cryptology

A two-day national workshop on the current state of affairs in cyber-security and cryptology (NWCSC) was held at NIT- Durgapur during 13 – 14 September 2019. The workshop was jointly organized by Vigyan Prasar, NIT- Durgapur, and Vivekananda Vijnan Mission. About 80 undergraduate and post-graduate students attended the workshop. Dr. A. K. Himanshu, convenor, Vivekananda Vijnan Mission,  welcomed all the dignitaries and briefed the participants about the workshop. In his welcome address, Dr. Anupam Basu, Director, NIT – Durgapur, stressed the need for cyber-security and cryptology in today’s internet dominated the world. Professor Bimal Roy, Chairman, National Statistical Commission, briefed the participants about the objectives of the workshop.  As the organizing secretary of the workshop, Professor Tandra Pal of NIT-Durgapur welcomed all the participants. Dr. Jaydeep Howlader, NIT – Durgapur gave a vote of thanks.

Professor Bimal Roy conducted the first technical session of the workshop and interacted with students. He discussed the notion of ideal secured system, generation of keys for ciphertext, stream cipher, public-key cryptography, and many other concepts of cryptology and cyber-security. He explained many concepts with examples from his own experience.

In technical session II, day1,  Professor Abhishek Adhikari, Presidency University, gave a talk “Various aspects of secret sharing – few open issues.” Professor Debdeep Mukhopadhyay, IIT Kharagpur gave an overview of cyber-security research and discussed on-going research problems.

In the first technical session of day 2, Shri Rintu Nath, Scientist F, Vigyan Prasar delivered a lecture on block cipher techniques and Message Authentication Code (MAC). Professor Kannana Sreenathan, IIIT Hyderabad discussed different cryptographic protocols.

In technical session II, day 2, Dr. Shion Samadder Chaudhury delivered a lecture on information theory, secret sharing, and matroids. Professor Dhiren Patel, Director, VJTI, Mumbai, gave a talk  “Understanding Attack Campaigns and Threat Actors on Cyber Landscape.” The discussion encompassed malware families, various cyber threats, and mitigation strategies.

In the valedictory session, Dr. Nakul Parashar, Director, Vigyan Prasar explained the importance of cyber-security in everyday life.  He suggested that similar workshops in different parts of the country may be conducted to increase understanding and awareness among various stakeholders.