Functions and Duties

Name Designation Job description
Dr. Nakul Parashar Director, Vigyan Prasar Overall supervision – Vigyan Prasar
Dr. T.V. Venkateswaran Scientist ‘F’, Vigyan Prasar Division Head: Audio Visual
Mrs. Kinkini Dasgupta Misra Scientist ‘F’ Maintaining S & T Information repository.

Design and Development of Websites

Development of interactive CD-ROMs on popular science topics.

Conducting lecture series and online chat session.

Preparation of VP reports like monthly report for cabinet , Annual Report, Annual Plan etc.

Mr. Rintu Nath Scientist ‘F’ Information Technology

Design, development and dissemination of PC interfacing tools for scientific experiments. See Details
Design and development of interactive multimedia CDs on scientific concepts.
Overall supervision of VP Website, Digital Library and Discussion Forum.
Undertaking collaborative projects with other scientific organisations.
Undertaking student projects (BE/BTech – Computer Science, MCA)

Mr. B.K.Tyagi Registrar & Scientist ‘F’ Dream 2047Overall supervision in bringing out monthly bilingual science magazine Dream 2047
To evolve a plan for systematic growth of science clubs activity in the country.

To organize training programmes to popularize science in urban and rural areas.

To bring out suitable literature and the monthly newsletter for Vigyan Prasar Networks of Science Clubs.

To initiate relevant activities like field trips, workshops for students/teachers/resource persons.

To develop and maintain the database of activities of science clubs.

Mr. Kapil Tripathi Scientist ‘F’ Development of activity kits /toys/experiments/teaching modules on different scientific themes for school children and teachers.

Organizing workshops/demonstration programme for promoting activity based science learning.

Development of Radio Science Programmes.

Writing articles/News/ Science quizzes for the magazines and newspapers.

Coordinating all the library related activities of Vigyan Prasar.

Mr. Sandeep Baruah Scientist ‘F’ Promotion of Ham radio through a number of activities like organising awareness and demostration programmes in schools, colleges and various other welfare institutes/organisations.

Promotion of Ham radio through publications and electronic medias, Internet etc; organising workshops, training programmes. Maintaining of VHF repeater station VU2DLR and club station VU2NCT.

Mr. Arvind Ranade Scientist ‘F’ Design and development of Astronomical Kits, interactive multimedia CDs for Space Science and Astronomy.

Organize ‘Telescope Making’ workshops for school students, teachers and amateur astronomers.

Organise and workout the astrophotography through small telescopes, astronomical events like Night sky Watching, Meteor shower observations, Solar, Lunar Eclipses, transits of inner planets etc..

Participate in National campaign/workshops to keep update about recent developments in Space Science and Astronomy.

Mr. Nimish Kapoor Scientist ‘D’ Coordinator:-
VIPNET, Vigyan Prasar Network of Science Clubs.
VIPNET is a network of more than five thousand Science Clubs all over India.
VIPNET arrange Science Activity/Communication Training Workshops/ Seminars to strengthen these clubs.

Associate Editor:-
VIPNET News, Monthly News Letter, focussing Popular Science Activities.

Shri Gaurav Jain Jr. Scientific Officer Development of interactive multimedia CDs on popular science topic.
Development of Quiz Programmes on various topics.
Design and Maintenance of Database of Dream 2047.