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Dr. T. V. Venkateshwaran

Job Description:Division Head: Audio Visual

  • Development of programme ideas for generation of audio software and production of audio science serial.
  • Audio science programmes for World Space Radio, All India Radio and Gyan Vani.
  • Catalyze and produce popular science video programmes.
  • Creation of minimum facility for audio-video production.
  • Development, design and creation of science communication multimedia software such as PPT shows; CD-ROMs etc.,
  • Academic programmes and Research in the area of ‘History of popular science’ and ‘science and media’.

Email-ID : tvv[at]vigyanprasar[dot]gov[dot]in
Telephone : 011-26519388

Shri B.K.Tyagi

Job Description

  • To evolve a plan for systematic growth of science clubs activity in the country.
  • To organize training programmes to popularize science in urban and rural areas.
  • To  bring out suitable literature and the monthly newsletter for Vigyan Prasar Networks of Science Clubs.
  • To initiate relevant activities like field trips, workshops for students/teachers/resource persons.
  • To develop and maintain the database of activities of science clubs.

Email-ID: bktyagi[at]vigyanprasar[dot]gov[dot]in
Telephone: 0120-2404436 (Direct), +91 120 2404430 (Ext.:231)
Fax: 011-26965986

Shri Sandeep Baruah

Job Description

  • Promotional activities related to alternative communication systems (e.g. Amateur Radio, EduSAT) as second line of communication and dissemination of amateur radio information/technology to the school children, technical students through outreach programmes like lecture and demonstration programmes, workshops, training programmes, print media,Internet etc.
  • Operational in-charge of Vigyan Prasar Amateur Radio club Station VU2NCT and Delhi VHF Repeater Station VU2DLR.
  • In-charge of EduSAT Multicast Teaching End at Vigyan Prasar for the Vigyan Prasar’s countrywide network of Satellite Interactive Terminal Classrooms [SITs].

Email-ID: sandeep[at]vigyanprasar[dot]gov[dot]in
Telephone: 011-6967532
Fax: 0120-2404437

Dr. Arvind C Ranade

Job Description

  • Design and development of Astronomical Kits, interactive multimedia CDs for Space Science and Astronomy.
  • Organize ‘Telescope Making’ workshops for school students, teachers and amateur astronomers.
  • Organise and workout the astrophotography through small telescopes, astronomical events like Night sky Watching, Meteor shower observations, Solar, Lunar Eclipses, transits of inner planets etc..
  • Participate in National campaign/workshops to keep update about recent developments in Space Science and Astronomy.

Email-ID: rac[at]vigyanprasar[dot]gov[dot]in
Telephone: 0120-2404431 Ext.222
Fax: 0120-2404437

Shri Kapil K Tripathi

Job Description

  • To coordinate, all activities associated with the Science on Television, Division of Vigyan Prasar which includes evolving new projects, policy, programmes, planning and execution related to the production of science and technology based video programmes, broadcast and telecast of programmes through different channels, dubbing/repackaging of video programmes in other Indian languages, publicity etc.
  • To coordinate, Activity Kits and Toys development programme of Vigyan Prasar which includes developing low cost scientific activity kits, toys, and experiments and demonstrating them among the common mass through workshops, training programme and using other mediums of communication.
  • To organize workshops/seminar at national level to promote activity based science learning among teachers and students.
  • To develop scientific content for electronic (TV/Radio), print (research journals/book/magazines/newspapers) and digital (VP’s YouTube and others) media as a science communicator.

Email-ID: kapil[at]vigyanprasar[dot]gov[dot]in, kapiltripathi[at]gmail[dot]com
Telephone: 011-24608202
Fax: 0120-2404437

Shri Nimish Kapoor

Job Description

  • Planning, conceptualization, coordination and execution of science films based programmes;
  • Coordination and execution of National Science Film Festival & Competition;
  • Designing and developing resource material for outreach programmes;
  • Conducting workshops and capacity building programmes on science communication through films & science broadcasting.

Email-ID: nkapoor[at]vigyanprasar[dot]gov[dot]in, nimish2047[at]gmail[dot]com
Telephone: +91 120 2402009 (Direct), +91 120 2404430 (Ext.:205)
Fax: +91 120 2404437

Dr K. B. Bhushan

Gender and Technology Communication Division

Job Description

  • To undertake research and create awareness for adaptation of technologies in urban and rural areas.
  • To undertake research on effective Science and Technology Communication.
  • To conduct and coordinate awareness and training programme, extension and demonstration of users friendly modern science & technologies and traditional wisdom especially for rural areas.
  • Identification, selection, demonstration and effective communication of suitable technologies for different community/ group/ Self help etc. through organizing workshop/seminars/conferences and follow-up the recommendations.

Email-ID: bhushan[at]vigyanprasar[dot]gov[dot]in
Telephone:0120-2401725 (Direct), +91 120 2404430 (Ext.:204)