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Dr.A. Sengupta : Welcome to chat session of Vigyan Prasar. Today’s topic is “Lumbar Spondylosis and Slipped disc” . You are welcome to ask and share your views with Dr. Sengupta 
i have sudden back pain associated with tingling sensation in my legs
sir, the iver luise opration is related with what 
i have sudden back pain associated with tingling sensation in my legs 
Dr.A.Sengupta : 
Dera Kasturi, Can I have your question once again please? 
 i have sudden back pain associated with tingling sensation in my legs
rita: what is lumbar spondylosis?
Dr.A.Sengupta : Kasturi : yr ans is –if the back pain is very acute readiating to the legs and is increased on coughing and sneezing it may be a case of slipped disc. you must consult an orthopaedic surgeon
Dr.A.Sengupta : Manu plz can brief what this opertion is about
Dr.A.Sengupta : because this donot concern todays topic
dinesh: Sir what is a slipped disc?
Sumit: good evening sir
pooja: hi sir
irfana: i have frequent backache, does it mean that i have spondylosis
sadaf: what are the symptoms of slipdisc
pooja: What are the signs of Symptoms of spondalytis and what causes this inflammation
Sumit: sir please tell what is ment by sciatica?
Dr.A.Sengupta:  Dinesh– At the back there is the spin which is made of many small bones joined together by soft tissues to form a flexiable structure. Between each bone there is a soft disc which permits movement of the spine . Just behind the spine lies the spinal cord which is a bunch of nerves controlling our limbs. when one disc slips behind it press on the nerve leding to sever pain and weekness of the limbs this is know as slipdisc 
Dr.A.Sengupta :
 pooja– The symtoms are back pain with or without radiation to the legs.
Manu: if one fall some where and he feel some pain in the back . can you tell some first aid for this kind of a situation
Dr.A.Sengupta : Sumit–any low back pain which is intense and radiating down the buttock back of thigh and down to the legs is Sciatica.
Gaurav: hello sir
kasturi: sometimes i feel pain going down my left hand, is it due to spondalysis?
Dr.A.Sengupta Manu–if the person can get up and perform normal activities there is no need of any specific treatment. Analgesics and Warm comperess is adequate
Gaurav: Sir, Sometimes I feel Low back pain while working on computer? hello: hello sir
Gaurav: sir can u tell us the reasons for low back pain
Dr.A.Sengupta : Kasturi–it may be Spondylosis if it is associated with tingling and loss of sensation or weakness
Dr.A.Sengupta : Irfana Probally not . it may be due to faulty posture streesfull position at work or absence of physical activities these are the common causes
Dr.A.Sengupta:  Gaurav– again the same solution as in the case of irfana , but if the pain radiates to the legs it may be discprolapse
Rajan: could you tel how long one will have this
rita: What is Degenerative Disc Disease?
Dr.A.Sengupta:  Rajan chat session will be upto 5 pm
Gaurav: sir, actually i m suffering from AVN since 2002.
Rajan: the pain due to wrong posture
daddu: Good Afternoon sir
daddu: what is the cause of Intervertebral Discs
Navneet Gupta: Gooa After noon sir, what are the symptoms of slipped disk
Mudgel: I feel giddiness in certain potcher. Drs’ call it positional what is your suggestion & treatment?  Dr.A.Sengupta : Rita — With age the flexibility of the Spin reduces and the disc becomes rigid and looses elasticity this may produced some abnormal movement of the spine and new bone formation around the disc this is degenerative disease
Rajan: I have this pain in my back since the year 1984, i am now 45 
I work with my PC for 10 hrs a day
Dr.A.Sengupta : Mudgal— If ur above 60yrs you are likely to suffer from cervical spondoilosis . In extreme case there may be Giddiness in certain postures.
pooja: Sir my problem is that when I get up in the morning or when I leave my seat during day time, my left foot pains a lot initial steps are very painful, I feel as if I will loose my balance, but within few minutes the pain is gone. I’am im in late 30s and my weight is 90
James: Hello Sir
James: I am suffering from Sciatica from last 2 years
Dr.A.Sengupta : Gaurav— what is ur problem plz specify
rita: What is the Causes of Degenerative Disc Disease?
Rajan: Hellow Dr. could answer fpr me
James: please tell me the proper treatment for it
daddu: sir,Please answer my question
daddu: what is the cause of Intervertebral discs
Dr.A.Sengupta : Pooja– if u find that the pain increase on coughing and sneezing and the pain persists even after walking u must go for Xray of Lumbosacral spine. Reduction of body weight is very much necessary to reduce posture related back pain.
Rajan: I am 70 kg witrh 175 cm is it cause for my pain
Rajan: could tell some food items to take or avoid on daily bais
Dr.A.Sengupta : Rajan–Backpain is the commonest problem in persons working in computers for prolongd periods . It is necessary to sit on a straight back chair Stretch ur self after ever half hr and perform certain extension exercises of spine daily
Rajan: my doctor at Tokyo says it is calcium shortage
Rajan: thanks
Dr.A.Sengupta : James– if the Sciatica doesnot improve by all the methods of consevative treatment then do MRI of Lumbosscral spine to check out if u have a disc prolapse
Rajan: bye
Dr.A.Sengupta : Rajan– If ur not over weight no need of any restriction but calcium defency leads to back pain in some patients and mostly seen in elderly ladies. In young patients if there is any defency on calcium then u shoul consult a Physican
Dr.A.Sengupta : Rajan it is not necessary
Dr.A.Sengupta : James – you can go for a MRI Test
Alok Mukherjee: How far is vitamin E helpful to maintain spine and vertibral health
Dr.A.Sengupta : Alok– Vitamin E is actually helpful to maintain function of Soft tissue. There is no direct relationship of Vit E in maintainence of Vertebral health
Alok Mukherjee: Is Rhustox in homoeopathy serve as a precaution
rita: What is radiculopathy?
Alok Mukherjee: Thanks Dr. Sengupta
Dolly Alexander: Sir, I have a problem of lower back ache for the last 20 years. This does not allow me to stand continously for more than 5-10 minutes.
Dr.A.Sengupta : Alok — very difficult for me to answer. what ever suits you should be continue Dolly Alexander: is ther a cure for this
Dr.A.Sengupta : Dolly what is your profession and age
Dolly Alexander: I am 37 year old and i have desk job.
Dolly Alexander: I fell from a bus 20 years ago, but there were no injuries at that time, but the back has been troubling me since then
Dr.A.Sengupta : Dolly—— People with Desk jobs are most prone to low back pains and related problems. It can be avoided by using Straight Back chairs , Taking short breaks performing exercise or yoga and participating in strees reliving programmes
Dolly Alexander: I do use a straight chair and do cycling in the morning
Alok Mukherjee: what causes spinal bone spurs
Dr.A.Sengupta : Dolly–You must do an Xray to ruleout old fractures. If not detected an MRI will be necessary
Dolly Alexander: Thank you sir. I would get this done.
Dolly Alexander: Thank you sir. I would get this done.
Dr.A.Sengupta : Alok–Bones spurs are new bone formation seen in Spondylosis. Sometimes this projections can press on the nerves leading to back pain with radiation to a part of the leg which is called radiculopathy…….
Alok Mukherjee: Is sciatica pain connected to slip disc disorders
Dolly Alexander: I also have another problem, but not sure whether this is related to my lower back. i have pain in my neck  and did an x-ray and found there is an growth of extra bone. is that possible
Dr.A.Sengupta : Alok — Absolutely it is related with slip disc
Dr.A.Sengupta : Dolly– that is probably Cervical Spondylosis. Plz do some Exercises for the neck
Alok Mukherjee: Does lumbar spondylolisthesis a facet joint deterioration mostly with aging
Alok Mukherjee: Thanks Dr. Sengupta
Dr.A.Sengupta : Alok –spondylolisthesis is a slip of one vertebral body above the other. There are many reason and ageing is one of them
Alok Mukherjee: What Causes Cervical Headaches? What Are the Best Treatments?
Alok Mukherjee: Thankd Dr. Sengupta
Dr.A.Sengupta : Alok– Headches are not associated with cervical spin problems. There must be some other reasons of headache which should be looked
Alok Mukherjee: What causes spinal stenosis
Alok Mukherjee: Thanks, Dr. Sahib
Dr.A.Sengupta : Alok-spinal stenosis is a condition where the back pain is associated with a disease where the spinal cord becomes chocked by the adjacent tissues which can be a bone spur or a slipped disc.
Dolly Alexander: Thanks a ton sir. Bye for now.
Alok Mukherjee: Can the exact causes of chronic back pain typically be diagnosed with an MRI scan, CT scan, and/or X-rays
Dr.A.Sengupta : Gaurav — you didnot explain your problem
Dr.A.Sengupta : Alok–Usually yes, but there are some causes which cannot be diagnosed by these test
Alok Mukherjee: Can Herniated Lumbar Discs severity may involve physical therapy or surgery to correct the problem or free nerves from abnormal pressure.
sujit: sorry to join in so late and hello to all
sujit: i understand spondylosis is a degenrative problem
sujit: is there some kind of cure for it
Dr.A.Sengupta : Alok– slipdisc which is the same condition usualy resolves by physio theraphy, medicine and rest. If it doesnot improve after a considerable trial of not operative treatment, MRI shows the specific slip of disc which may require surgery
Alok Mukherjee: Are the traditional surgeries that require general anesthesia and a long hospital confinement , the only necessity to treat the discomfort of osteoarthritis symptoms
Dr.A.Sengupta : Sujit — A patient can stay well in spite of Spondylosis if he avoides faulty postures and perform certain exercises and controls body weight and do yoga
Dr.A.Sengupta : Alok- 90% can improve by non operative treatement. The sugery is intented for very specific disorders 
Alok Mukherjee
: Can a bulging disc becomes problematic by pressing up against the nerves of the spinal column, causing pain.
sujit: can i get some info some books or some excercise
sujit: at any clinic
Dr.A.Sengupta : Alok- Yes it can. Sometime it get relieved by rest and medicines.
Dr.A.Sengupta : Suit — there are many books in the market about back care and posture
Alok Mukherjee: Does thoracolumbar disc disease a type of slipped disc in the back.
Dr.A.Sengupta : sujit– Vigyan prasar has brought out a book on back pain if ur intrested u can have a copy
Alok Mukherjee: Thank you Dr. Sengupta, it was realy educating and informative talking to you.
sujit: thank you sir
sujit: bye; lets all have a healthy life
Dr.A.Sengupta: Thank you for participating in the chat session. If you have any further Query please send your Question to the email id “aniorth@gmail.com