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“The Life and Times of P.C. Ray”
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So who was P.C. Ray? He was a world famous chemist. He was called “The Father of Nitrites” because he did path-breaking work in chemistry. But he was much more than just a scientist. He was the father of the pharmaceutical industry in India. He wrote the seminal “History of Indian Chemistry”. In this meticulously researched film we explore the various aspects of this truly Renaissance man. He was a freedom fighter, a social activist and an inspiring teacher. In this film we will retrace his historic journey from his childhood, his education, his fascination and talent for languages - he taught himself Latin and learnt Greek, French and Sanskrit, won the prestigious Gilchrist scholarship to England We will explore the courage, belief and simplicity of this man – who works as a role model for both scientists and Indians, even today.

Join us as we re-live his story in “The life and times of P.C. Ray”

Wednesday at 17:00 on 16.06.2017 and repeat telecast next day at 03:00 from DD-India

“Tha Maths Factor”
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A 13-part video serial ‘The Maths Factor’, produced by Vigyan Prasar attempts to present various facets of mathematics. Each episode takes an interesting concept or area of mathematics and follows it using narratives, anecdotes, historical recreations and innovative problems to bring it alive. Avoiding textbook jargon, the series is conversational and would be engaging to not only viewers who have interest in mathematics but also those who may not.

Watch on DD-India Every Sunday at 11:00-11:30 hrs and repeat 17:30 and 23:00 from 28 May, 2017

“Ubharti Prodyogiki Sanwarta Kal”
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Ubharti Prodyogiki Sanwarta Kal serial support ‘Make in India’ programme of Govt. of India in field of Science and Technology and it would be also helpful about understating of development science and Technology. Serial show development of cutting age Indian indigenous technology which are important for empowerment of society. Ubharti Prodyogiki Sanwarta Kal serial connect Science and technology with society. In this serial the technologies covered are from variety of sectors like health, agriculture, space, weather forecasting, sanitation, environment conservation etc. The series is produced in Hindi language to catch the remote viewer of villages in addition to urban public.



Watch on DD-National Every Saturday at 09.30-10.00 AM from 13 May, 2017

India@IT Revolution

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India@IT Revolution a 13 part series show base on information communication technologies.

When the Internet and information communication technologies (ICT) first took seed in the 80s, very few could project it as anything other than an ‘elite’ technology to meet niche needs. But some were able to foresee the future and peg ICT as a highway to accelerate development across India.

Today, nearly 4 decades on, IT has changed the landscape of the nation. In seen and unseen ways, the silent revolution of the Internet, Telecom and related technologies have enhanced, simplified and made processes more efficient. Above all, ICT has played the critical role in the ‘democratization of information’ - no mean task in a vast country like India. From essential services like banking, government schemes, booking rail & bus tickets to remote access to quality healthcare & education; from computer-savvy panchayats & mobile applications for farmers to cutting edge scientific research in top institutions; from giving every Indian voice expression (through blogging, social networking, community radio, uploading videos, audio files etc. online) to matters of personal & public security and e-governance, there is no aspect of modern life – be it urban, rural, remote or metropolitan – that has not been transformed by IT.

This 13 part series will touch on this remarkable transformation and attempt to understand its evolution, present-day status and future prospects. While, much has been achieved by the early architects of the IT revolution, much still needs to be done to tie the Indian people into a network that can ensure that everyone has access to the same opportunities, services, information and possibilities no matter where they live or what their background is.

TThe series will highlight the exciting technologies that support ICT. How does e-governance across a billion strong population work? What supports the mindboggling, computing infrastructure of the Indian Railways? How does a satellite in orbit ensure that a farmer in a remote village knows the weather forecast? How can ones genome be used to customize medicine? How has the new technological age affected our notions of privacy, security & safety? And much, much more…

Promo‘India@IT Revolution’

Watch on Lok Sabha TV every Sunday at 11:00-11:3 hrs from 22 April, 2017

Bharat Mai Shuchana Prodhyodiki Kranti

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A 13 part video series ‘Bharat Mai Shuchana Prodhyodiki Kranti’ produced by Vigyan Prasar, Department of Science and Technology. It is the era of Digital India - from basic services like banking and law & order to citizen rights like food security, health and education, from restoring our historical legacies to predicting the weather down to the hour, every aspect of Indian life is touched by Information & Communication Technologies. What happens when a billion strong nations is empowered through digital tools? Watch the series to find out.

Every Sunday on Rajya Sabha TV at 12:30-13:00 hrs from 30 April, 2017